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Articles tagged with: Loudspeakers

8 Common Misconceptions About High-End Audio Systems

Deconstructing Some of the Common Myths About High-Performance Sound

8 Common Misconceptions About High-End Audio Systems

All music fans would love to listen to their favorite artists and albums just as they first sounded in the recording studio. Great sound is the ultimate goal for anyone that calls themselves a music lover, which is why high-end audio systems have exploded in popularity over the past fifty years. However, some common myths have persisted that have kept people from actually taking advantage of the power of high-performance sound. In this blog, we highlight some of the most persistent ones to make sure you don’t make any common mistakes when investing in a high-end audio system.

TAGS: Amplifiers | Loudspeakers | Room Acoustics

High-End Audio: 5 Characteristics to Look For in a Premium Speaker

Exploring the Science Behind High-Performance Sound

High-End Audio: 5 Characteristics to Look For in a Premium Speaker

There can be a discernible divide in the audiophile world between those enthralled by the art of high-end audio and those that immerse themselves in the science of it. Some people want to know all about the process that goes into a speaker. What materials were chosen? How were the drivers placed within the enclosure? Others focus on listening to various models to see which sounds best. Ultimately the goal is the same: powerful, clean sound. In this blog, we explore the details that go into a high-performance speaker. If you’d rather hear it to believe it, contact us to schedule a test drive of our top loudspeakers.

TAGS: 2-Channel Stereo | High-Performance Audio | Loudspeakers

5 Great Speaker Options for Your Whole House Audio

Find the Right Solution for Every Room in Your Home

5 Great Speaker Options for Your Whole House Audio

Every family uses their whole home audio in a different way. Which is why it’s important to offer varied solutions, from the type of speakers that are being used to the preferred control devices. In this blog, we’ll go over some popular speaker options and their best applications. Depending on whether you’re looking to invest in a dedicated listening room or simply play background music when hosting friends, you’re going to have very different needs when it comes to your equipment.

TAGS: Home Theater | Loudspeakers | Outdoor Sound System | Wireless Speakers