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Side by side comparison of Control4 and Savant on-wall touchpad interfaces.


Smart homes are no longer a distant dream; they're a reality transforming our daily lives. As people become more familiar with the technology, a common comparison arises when talking to our clients in Lake Forest, IL, and the surrounding area: Control4 v. Savant. 

The two brands have become synonymous with luxury home automation, but how do they stack up against each other? We'll explore the unique features, strengths, and differences, helping you decide which aligns best with your lifestyle and preferences.

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3 Unique Ways to Enhance Your Family’s Safety with Control4

A Control4 home automation iPad interface for arming the security system with a master bedroom in the background.

Keep your peace of mind with a smart home that keeps you happier and safer!

The safety of your home and family should be a top priority. Unfortunately, with so many different surveillance systems and devices, installing and keeping track of all of them can quickly become a tedious task. But don’t worry, Control4’s home automation system is here to solve that problem! Let the experts at Avidia turn your Glenview, IL house into a delightful smart home that will seamlessly fill your life with luxury, convenience, and comfort, all while keeping you and your loved ones safe.

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How a Home Automation Expert Can Help You Design First-Class Projects


Bring more luxury to your projects with the help of our home automation experts

Now more than ever, homeowners are looking for residences that create the right environment to fulfill their needs while maintaining a stylish, modern look. This has led architects and interior designers to incorporate smart home systems and AV designs into their projects. 

By partnering with a team of professional smart home designers, you’ll have the tools and guidance you need to seamlessly integrate these high-tech home automation solutions and increase the value of your projects. Keep reading to learn more about how a home automation expert can help you enhance the projects for your Lake Forest, IL clients. 

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Control4 Home Automation Systems are Transforming Homes Around the World


Learn What Control4 Can Do for Your Home and Lifestyle

Have you heard about home automation and how it’s transforming our living spaces? According to Time, 63 million American homes will be considered “smart homes” in 2022. So, what’s all the excitement about, and why would 86% of millennials pay more for a connected home?

Some suggest it’s the ease of living that it brings, managing their home from one automated system. Others say it makes them feel safer, allowing them to look in on their family members or receive notifications when someone arrives at their door.

Whatever the reason, home automation is making headlines worldwide as industry leaders take technology to the next level almost daily. At Avidia, we partner with those leading brands to offer our clients the best automated solutions on the market.

Let’s see what a Control4 home automation system can do for your Chicago, IL home.

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Meet the New Control4 OS 3: What You Need to Know

Meet the New Control4 OS 3: What You Need to Know

In case you missed the news last month, Control4 has unleashed a beautiful, brand-new operating system: OS 3. With an elegant appearance and helpful new features, OS 3 makes every interaction with your home automation system simplified and personalized. Whether you already have a Control4 system in your Northbrook-area home or you’re new to Control4 home automation, continue reading to learn how the Control4’s newest operating system can bring relaxation, convenience, and fun to your northern Illinois living space.

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New to Control4?

Control4 is one of the world’s leading home automation platforms that enables you to effortlessly manage your smart home’s devices from one universal interface. With a smartphone, tablet, universal remote or even a voice-command speaker, you can turn on all of your home’s lights at once, control music in every room, and check security cameras. With presets like “Morning” and “Night,” your home can automatically adjust the temperature, blinds, indoor and exterior lights at just the press of a button. On your way home late at night? Right from your smartphone, you can turn on the first-floor lights before the car is in the driveway. Control4 is a smart way to save energy, time, and peace of mind.

The New Features

Control4’s new OS 3 offers an evolved and smooth interface with larger icons that are easier to see from far away. With the “Favorites” feature, you can put the most frequently used icons on the main dashboard screen and save favorite rooms to the top of the list. Screens are now customizable with wallpapers, and new OS 3 icons represent the active state of your devices. That way, you can instantly see if the garage door is open, fans are on, or if the front door is locked – simply based on the status of the icons on your Control4 interface.

For whole home audio users, the new “Sessions” screens show what’s playing throughout the entire house. Sliders make it easier to change the volume in one room, multiple rooms, or the whole house at once. The new “Now Playing” screen enables you to adjust the volume, skip tracks, and even evaluate the audio quality.

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Tired of Uninspired Controls for Your Lighting?


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It’s All About Design

Crestron Horizon keypads are a cut above any other smart controls on the market. Horizon keypads are offered in a wide range of luxurious materials and colors, including wood, marble, and leather looks. The custom etched buttons are LED-backlit with a choice of programmable colors. When you press a button, it can even light up more so you know it’s working. The buttons' tactile feel and operation are carefully engineered to give you a feeling of quality. In keeping with Crestron’s unique custom approach, the company offers a service to complement the keypads with your décor, matching colors and trims like wood, metal, marble, and engineered stone - no other home automation manufacturer does that.

Is each room in your home unique? Your control keypads can be too – no need to choose from only three basic colors and materials. With Crestron Horizon, you can personalize the controls in each room for a perfect complement to your décor. What's more, the Crestron Horizon EX models work wirelessly, allowing even more flexibility in installation locations.


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