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How to Upgrade Your Outdoor Music System

Add High-Fidelity Audio to Every Corner of Your Property

How to Upgrade Your Outdoor Music System

Planning to host friends this summers in your Wilmette, Illinois home? Invite them over for an afternoon cookout and show off your beautiful view of Lake Michigan. To liven up the mood, you're going to need an impressive music system that can cover your entire outdoor area. Avidia can design a whole house audio system that not only adds quality sound to every corner of your home, but also makes it easy to access your favorite music at the press of a button. 

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Invest in Equipment Designed for Outdoor Use

Your beautiful outdoor environment is going to go to waste if you settle for old speakers, or those not meant for outside use. It's tempting to bring out wireless speakers and place them in a corner of your patio or pool, but this will result in uneven and unreliable sound. You need to invest in quality outdoor speakers designed to brave the elements and disperse sound over large areas.

We recommend going with Episode outdoor speakers. You can have Landscape ones hidden away in your foliage or use surface mounted speakers on your walls or pillars. If you’re a big audio enthusiast, you should also invest in their underground subwoofers that add deep, powerful bass.

Create the Right Foundation for Your System

We create a comprehensive wiring plan so you can connect speakers all over your property, all while keeping cables hidden from view. With most clients now using streaming services to access their favorite music, it's also important that we extend the reach of their home network. We install outdoor access points to amplify the signal from your router, so your coverage reaches your entire space. 

Design an Effective Speaker Layout

Depending on how you want to use your sound system, we find a layout that works for you. For a system used primarily as part of your whole home audio, speakers are evenly spread out throughout your outdoor spaces to get consistent, uniform sound. With this layout, we can divide your system into zones so the Disney channel can stream by the pool and classic rock by the grill.

If your sound system is part of an outdoor media room or theater, we can recreate a surround sound setup and include a subwoofer to create really immersive realistic sound. You can use this system to enjoy your favorite movies under the stars or get some fresh air while watching the Cubs.

Make Your Sound System Easy to Manage

We connect your outdoor speakers to your whole home audio system so you can easily access all your source components - be it streaming services, a media library, CD player or turntable. You can manage it from your smartphone or smart remote. With just one press, pick the song you want, choose which zone it should play in and adjust the volume.

Are you ready to enjoy the summer months in style? Avidia helps you become the ultimate host with a new outdoor entertainment system.  Contact us to set up a consultation!