4 Steps to Designing the Ultimate Home Theater System


Have you ever considered installing a custom home theater system? We’re not talking about the packaged speakers and flat screen TV you can get at your local electronics store. We're talking about a room specially designed –from speaker placement to room acoustics—to recreate the feel of a commercial theater. You can even decorate it to reflect your favorite sports team or movie era. By following the steps outlined below, Avidia designs the ultimate escape in your Kenilworth, Illinois home.

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1. Finding the Right Screen
The first thing people will notice when they enter your theater is the video display. It is the focal point of the room, so it should come as no surprise that it’s one of the first things considered in the installation process.

Depending on the size you want and the room’s light specifications, you can choose between going with a screen-and-projector combination or a flat panel TV. If you decide on a screen, we partner with Screen Innovations to help you pick out the right model and material to ensure you get quality images that are in line with your personal style.

2. Setting up Your Seating Arrangement
The size of your screen and its viewing cone will affect your seating arrangement. The viewing cone is the area in the room where you can still see the screen without the images deteriorating. We make sure all recliners and sofas remain within this area. The size of the screen will then dictate how far from it guests should be seating. For most home theater systems, you’ll want to sit approximately 10 feet away.

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Stream Music in Every Room of Your Home with Sonos


Music is powerful. It can transform gloomy days into happy ones, inspire creativity, energize you in the morning and soothe you to sleep at night. To take advantage of music throughout your day, you need a system that enables easy listening wherever you are, especially when you’re at home in Park Ridge, IL. That’s what you get with a whole house audio system by Sonos, the leading provider of smart wireless speakers. To learn about Sonos and how it can add value to your home, read on.

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What is Sonos?

Sonos provides high-performance wireless speaker systems ranging from dedicated home theater systems to whole house audio systems. Their selection of speakers, audio components, and home theater equipment ensures they have something for every room of your home. In addition to having all the components you need to boost your listening experience, Sonos provides components that can upgrade your existing audio equipment to work with Sonos for wireless music streaming.

Why Choose Sonos for Whole House Audio

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What Are Some Ways to Enhance Your Home Theater Design?


Your home theater is only going to be as good as the equipment in it. Which is why a big focus of your installation will be on finding the right speakers, screens, and projectors. But a lot more than that goes into crafting a comprehensive home theater design. Check out some features you should consider when upgrading the entertainment in your Winnetka, Illinois home.

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Enhance Your Style With Hidden Technology

When you’re purchasing equipment, focus not just on its performance but also how it will fit into your overall design. Most AV manufacturers offer ‘hidden technology’ options that provide a discreet approach to your home theater. This way you can show off your style without losing any of the quality.

When it comes to your speakers, you can go with KEF in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Get all the benefits of a Dolby Atmos surround sound setup while keeping your equipment hidden. Your screen is also easy to conceal. If you don't want it to be seen when your theater is not in use, invest in a retractable screen that disappears into the ceiling at the press of a button.

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What’s the Best Surround Sound Setup for Your Home Theater?

What’s the Best Surround Sound Setup for Your Home Theater?

The reason watching movies in a theater is such a memorable experience is not only the larger-than-life motion pictures but also the sound that engages you from all sides. As you prepare the perfect home theater design for your Lake Forest, Illinois property, it's important that you consider which surround sound setup you want to install. Having the right audio in place could make all the difference.

4 Steps to Designing the Ultimate Home Theater System

Upgrade to the Dolby Atmos Experience

Dolby Atmos has taken the surround sound experience to the next level in both commercial theaters and at home. The new technology aims at creating a three-dimensional sound so you can follow the action. Hear a plane flying over you from the front of the room all the way past you.  Every little detail is heard crisply and precisely where it should be.

Traditionally, surround sound systems would break sound up between two or more channels (each corresponding to a different speaker). This meant sounds in a specific channel could only be heard from that angle. In a Dolby Atmos system, sounds are treated as individual ‘objects' that can be moved throughout the room without being confined to one channel. This allows sounds to move around freely for truly realistic audio in your home theater.


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Enjoy the Ease of Use of Sonos with a Professional Installation


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A Whole-Home Sonos System

Sonos makes excellent wireless speakers, but perhaps that's not your preference. You may have one or more existing audio systems with speakers you like, or you prefer your speakers to be heard and not seen. In those cases, Avidia can create a system that you will love, controllable with the Sonos app in the palm of your hand.

If you want built-in speakers, you’ll want the experience of a professional. Even if your home is already wired for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, there are nuances to installation. First, even with existing wiring, it may not be up to par for an upgraded set of speakers. And if it is, our installers are experts in cutting carefully into existing walls to avoid damage. If you're remodeling or building, we are skilled in optimizing each built-in speaker's location for the best performance in each room or space. If you're adding outdoor audio, there are special considerations there too, as you may need more power and more speakers to get the desired level of volume and sound quality in an outdoor area.

The Sonos Amp is an amplifier and digital streaming device all rolled into one, and makes an excellent solution for smaller multiroom audio systems by using several Amps. You can also pipe additional audio sources like your turntable into it and hear vinyl all over your home, or even TV audio. It does even more, but we also want to tell you about other options.

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3 Ways to Bring the Dolby Atmos Experience to Your Media Room


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Good: Dolby Atmos-Enabled Soundbar

The simplest way to bring Dolby Atmos audio to your media room is with a Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbar. If you want a quick and budget-friendly solution that doesn’t require placing speakers all around your media room but still offers immersive sound, then you may consider this option.

Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbars have upward-firing drivers that help create a multidimensional soundstage. Of course, the performance will also depend on the quality of the soundbar.

The Sonos Arc is a great contender, packing 11 high-performance drivers for impressive clarity and detail. It also features Sonos’ Trueplay technology, which automatically optimizes the sound for the acoustics of your media room. For more booming bass, pair it with the Sonos wireless Sub.

Better: Dolby Atmos-Enabled Surround Speakers

For a more accurate and immersive surround sound experience, choose a conventional 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound setup featuring Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers. A nice alternative to installing speakers in your ceiling, Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers have traditional, forward-firing drivers but also direct audio upward so that it reflects off the ceiling and produces a realistic overhead sound.

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