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What Is Gigabit Internet Service and Why Should You Care?


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The Difference of Gigabit Internet Service: Why You Need Gigabit Internet

Gigabit internet, also known as high-speed internet or gig-speed internet, transmits data up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps). This means that you are downloading 1,000,000,000 bits per second or 1,000 mbps. That rate of speed is 100 times faster than the average internet connection in the country!

Gigabit internet runs on fiber-optic cable, which transports data using light signals instead of electrical currents. Because light is faster than electrical pulses, fiber can transmit more megabits per second than copper cable and offers higher bandwidth. Plus, while signals over copper lines worsen as you travel farther from the source, distance knows no bounds with fiber.

Popular broadband internet providers likeXfinity and AT&T have made gigabit internet available for homeowners from coast to coast as a reliable connection in the home is becoming more of a necessity than ever before. So, what can you expect if you decide to make the switch to gigabit internet?

What to Expect When You Upgrade to Gig Internet

First, you can expect work-worthy, fast internet. If you’re working from home, you can’t be bothered with slow upload speeds that cause lagging video meetings and dropped wi-fi calls. Poor internet could make the difference between winning or losing a sale. Gigabit offers matching download and upload speeds for unwavering video conferencing and online work collaboration.

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Do I Need a Professional Network Design & Installation?

Pakedge networking device next to a Control4 smart home automation tablet

Advanced Network Techniques for High-End Residences in the Wilmette Region

Stunning upscale homes dot the picturesque landscape in Wilmette, and though homeowners may not know it, the demand for advanced home networking has never been more critical. 

The latest technology additions, such as home automation and motorized shades, working from home, and even smartwatches, can cause bottlenecked network traffic. And if you work from home or love streaming music and movies, your connections are likely struggling. Expert network design and installation are essential if you want to keep your favorite devices securely connected when and where you need them most.

This article delves into the sophisticated world of high-end home networking, so keep reading.

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Enhance Your Everyday Life With Today's Home Network Solutions


Wi-Fi 6E Brings Fast, Reliable, Corner-to-Corner Coverage

A recent survey by Netgear revealed Americans' relationship with the internet and how it’s expanded in ways we could never have imagined just a few years ago. Today, we spend, on average, about 16 hours a day online. Whether working, streaming, or immersed in social media channels, it has become the core of our existence. 

Yet, 70% of respondents experience connectivity issues at home, and almost one-third report unreliable connections as a significant cause of stress.

What's happening? 

We've continued to add devices and services that eat away at our bandwidth, from gaming consoles to video conferencing and streaming services, without upgrading our home network. Add a smart home to the mix, and the demands on your network have expanded exponentially.

Today's home network solutions rely on adopting the new wireless standards. Let's explore the latest Wi-Fi protocol and what it offers your home in Glenview, IL.

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The Crucial Role of Professional Network Design and Installation

Woman sitting on a gray couch sipping out of a mug, her laptop open on her lap.

Stay connected when it matters most. 

Today, everything from communication to commerce relies on connected technology, making a robust and reliable network more critical than ever. Whether you're running a small business, managing a large enterprise, or simply looking to enhance your home connectivity, the importance of professional network design and installation cannot be overstated. 

Come with us to explore why investing in your Winnetka, IL, network is imperative!

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3 Home Network Performance Challenges to Consider

family of four sitting around a kitchen table with cereal and computers in front of them.


The modern world is a connected world. If you’re like nearly half of the country, you interact with at least one smart device every month, but that number is likely much higher if your Glencoe, IL, home is a smart home. A recent Plume IQ study reports that the average house has over 20 connected devices! 

How can a homeowner manage to keep all of those devices up and running as intended? And how is it possible to prepare your home for additional devices as they’re inevitably added in the future? With a professionally designed and installed network and advanced networking solutions, your highly-connected home will have robust and reliable wired and wireless connections in every room. 

If you’re wondering if it’s time to consider a new or upgraded home network, keep reading below for three tell-tale home networking issues you can rectify with help from your friends at Avidia!

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Why Do My Home Wi-Fi Calls Keep Dropping?


Curb Roaming Woes with Professional-Grade Access Points

Wi-Fi calling is an excellent alternative to making voice and video calls at home when the cellular signal is bad. When you enable this feature on your smartphone, your phone carrier routes calls over your whole-home Wi-Fi network instead so that your calls stay clear and connected.

While Wi-Fi calling should save the day when cellular service is weak, many homeowners in Lake Forest, IL still suffer from dropped calls. You might not care if you’re chatting with a friend about weekend plans, but it’s detrimental when you’re on a sales call or talking to the authorities about an incident.

So, what’s causing dropped Wi-Fi calls? Let’s dissect the problem—and the solution—below.

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Concerned About the Health Effects of Wireless Technology?


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It’s a Wireless World

We all depend on wireless devices in our daily lives. The smartphone is the main one, always by our sides. But modern homes have so many more. Your laptop, wireless router, home wireless phones, smart lights, thermostats, TVs, sensors, and more often use some wireless frequencies. We are exposed to more low-level EMR than ever from the plethora of devices around us.

If you are concerned about radiation or feel that you may have a sensitivity to it, there is a partial solution – go back to wires.


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Why Would You Want a Professional Home Network Installation?


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Professional Monitoring

You may have professional monitoring for your home security system, but did you know you can have your network monitored too? Your network can be just as critical to your home as security. If you can't connect when you need to work on something important from home, or a part of your home’s automation doesn’t work reliably, it can be a serious issue.

The professional-grade networking equipment we install can be remotely monitored. What does that mean? Here are a few examples. We can check that your router and wired and wireless network are all operating normally. We can ensure that no extraneous devices that should not be connected have hacked into your system. We can monitor your firewall to see that it's keeping intrusions out and if any hacks have been attempted. In short, we are like your professional IT support that you might have in your workplace, ensuring the network is always operating safely.


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Wondering If a Professional Home Network Is Worth It?


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Design and Installation

It’s easy enough to purchase a broadband modem and router and install them in a centralized location of your home. But how can you be sure the hardware you choose will support your needs? Especially now, more families are working and learning from home, which requires robust internet support for video conferencing. What if you experience weak spots and connectivity issues down the line? Should you install a second router, and if so, where should you place it?

When you work with a professional, you can put these questions behind you. After discussing your connectivity needs, our team will conduct a site survey using Wi-Fi visualization tools that allow us to identify potential dead zones and locate optimal locations for your access points. Your network will be custom-designed to provide exceptional performance and reliability in every corner of your home. 

Coverage and Speed

Dependable network performance shouldn’t be a luxury—especially for growing smart homes. Just like you rely on your car to start in the morning, you should be able to rely on your network to support your virtual work meetings, and your kids’ online learning, and all your internet-connected devices. It’s one thing to be faced with buffering video and slow download speeds, but it’s even worse when vital home devices, like your security system, lose connectivity. 

The ideal home network uses both wireless and wired networking methods for optimal coverage and speed. Our team installs CAT6 and fiber wiring to serve as a strong backbone for your home. Additionally, we use high-performance access points that extend reliable coverage to all corners of your home, including your outdoor living spaces.

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Don’t “Mesh” Up Your Whole-Home Wi-Fi Network


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The Problem with Wireless Mesh Networks

Wireless mesh networks are over-advertised as the Holy Grail for improving internet connections in the home. While they can be a passing solution for entry-level applications where wi-fi connection isn’t critical, homeowners who rely on an internet connection for their business need a solution they can trust around the clock.

In a mesh network, every hop between access points around the home decreases the bandwidth by half. The more hops, the worse the bandwidth becomes. Several hops also increase network latency, which results in buffering and dropouts in certain applications, such as streaming audio and video.

Plugging in mesh repeaters around the home simply won’t offer the same guarantee for reliability as professional solutions, and that matters when a few minutes of downtime while working from home means thousands of dollars lost.

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