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A Savant Ascend switch featuring buttons for four preset lighting scenes.


At Avidia, we integrate light into your smart home to enhance every room and optimize your lifestyle. That’s why we rely on Savant home automation and lighting control for most of our Lake Forest, IL, projects. But there is much more to lights and automation than most homeowners realize. 

Read on to learn how Savant lighting control systems lead to a better life for you and your family. 

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Explore Effortless, Luxurious Living with Savant Home Automation

A woman sitting in a chair with a view overlooking a city and holding an iPad displaying the Savant app.

The Savant App Provides an Easy-to-Use Interface for Smart Living

Are you considering entering the world of smart home living? Today, these homes offer unrivaled ease of living, managing your home with one touch, a voice command, or automated schedules. Would you like your shades to slowly rise, letting in the first morning light in your Winnetka, IL, home? 

Or, maybe you’d like to return at the end of a long day to beautiful landscape lights that illuminate when you pull into the driveway, doors that unlock, your “End of the Day” playlist streaming through your home and outdoor areas, and the spa heated. If you can envision it, we, at Avidia, can make it happen. 

We also know that technology that’s not easy to use quickly goes the way of the dodo. That’s why we partner with Savant home automation, a platform known for its ease of use and ability to automate homes of any size, including exclusive luxury estates and super yachts. In fact, they were the first home automation company that embraced mobile technology, enabling users to manage their homes from a smartphone app. 

Let’s explore their user-friendly interface and how we create customized smart homes that make life a little easier and a lot more enjoyable.

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Is a Greener Life Your New Year’s Resolution? Savant Can Help!

A woman in a luxury, modern home looks out her window to a forest.

Learn how a Savant home automation system helps you take care of the planet and your pocket!

In today’s world, having a luxury lifestyle is not only a matter of who has the best entertainment systems or the finest artwork. Now that we are all trying to do our share to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle, a home that conveys that has become the ultimate luxury. Luckily, we know precisely how our technology can help you.

By adding a Savant home automation system to your Wilmette, IL, home, you can significantly reduce your energy consumption, helping you diminish your energy expenses as well. Want to learn more? Keep reading this blog!

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How Savant Home Automation Provides a Unique Experience

A woman sits in her living room while controlling her smart home through the Savant app on her tablet.

Enjoy the luxury and sophistication a smart lighting system adds to your spaces

Having a smart home system is all about bringing more luxury to your lifestyle and creating more enjoyable spaces. So, whether you need to add a stylish touch to your décor, create the right mood to enjoy your home entertainment, or have peace of mind with top-level surveillance, you can be sure that a Savant home automation system is the way to go. 

Savant provides world-class solutions that allow you to effortlessly control your lighting, shades, entertainment, surveillance, and more! Keep reading our blog to learn more about the perks of incorporating a home automation system into your Chicago, IL, home. 

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3 Ways Savant Home Automation Systems “Think Different”


If Apple Had a Home Automation System, It Would Be Savant

Many Apple ad campaigns have been memorable, but one stands out as establishing Apple’s image that has been carried forward to this day. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in the mid-1990s, he set out to get Apple back on track as a technology innovator.

Among many things, he completely revamped the company’s marketing message. Apple’s “Think Different” campaign featured photographs of innovators like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Pablo Picasso, implying that you would be just a little smarter and different if you bought an Apple computer.

If there’s a home automation company that “thinks different” about smart technology, it’s Savant. The company has always been known as an Apple-centric solution—from their software and remote designs to the Apple hardware they use on their high-end controllers. If you love the Apple design, look, and feel, you’ll love Savant home automation in your Highland Park, IL home.

Take a closer look at Savant’s Apple-esque approach to home automation below!

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