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Creating the Perfect Atmosphere for Enjoying High-End Audio

Give Your Sound Space to Shine in a Dedicated Listening Room

Creating the Perfect Atmosphere for Enjoying High-End Audio

Designing a high-end audio system for your Highland Park, IL home involves a lot of moving parts. It all starts with purchasing the right loudspeakers and amplifiers. You want to find equipment that offers sound that is crisp, natural and powerful. We recommend going with KEF’s Muon or Blade speakers paired up with an amplifier from Audio Control. In this blog, we’ll focus more on your system’s supporting cast: the technology and environment that enhance your brand new equipment.

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Choosing the Right Location

You need to find a room that is small enough to contain the sound but not too small that your sound becomes cluttered. You should also match your speakers to the space by investing in more powerful speakers if you're going to have to fill a larger area.

Invest in the Best Source Components

Instead of going with MP3s that clip part of the sound, work with uncompressed FLAC or DSD files for high-resolution audio. There’s also a reason vinyl’s made a resurgence. Since sound comes through in a continuous wave, analog recordings are still the best fit for sound reproduction.

Optimize Your Speaker Layout

When installing a high-end audio system, you typically want to go with a two-channel stereo setup. Place listeners at the center of the room and have speakers directly in front to the right and left. You want to make sure all listeners are equidistant to the speakers so sound reaches them at the same time.

Add Acoustic Treatments

There are a variety of ways to adjust your room to house your high-end audio system. Acoustic panels on the walls and ceilings prevent echo and reverberation. You can also add a layer of drywall to help insulate the sound and keep external noise from coming in.

Calibrate Your Audio Equipment

One of the benefits of high-end speakers and amplifiers is that they offer a lot more control with a range of custom management features that let you calibrate the speakers to the room's specifications. Once we have installed your system, we give it a test drive to find the right settings for your equipment.

Install a Smart Control Solution

Don’t ruin your new listening room with a bad user experience in which it’s hard to adjust the volume or find the album you want. Link the room to your home AV system so it’s easy to find the music you want and choose where you want to play it. You can have control from a remote, touchpad or smartphone.

The experts at Avidia can help you find the best location and equipment for your high-end audio system. Contact us today to set up a consultation!