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3 Ways to Manage Your Smart Home with Control4

A tablet to control a smart home system is placed in the middle of a luxury bedroom.

Learn all about the ways you can craft the luxurious living experience your family deserves!

Having a smart home is about more than just making your life more convenient; it’s about creating a welcoming environment where your family feels happier, healthier and inspired to take on their daily challenges. With a home automation system such as Control4, you can effortlessly fill your living space with more luxurious experiences. It’s just as simple as pressing a button or giving out a voice command! 

At Avidia, we are a Control4 company ready to elevate your lifestyle with smart home technologies. Keep reading our blog to learn more about three convenient ways to manage your surroundings with Control4!

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Top Technologies You Didn’t Know Could Improve Your Home Theater

A luxurious home theater with three rows of seats.

Craft the perfect entertainment experience for your family with our innovative technologies!

Making the most of your home theater system goes way beyond adding 4K content, supreme surround sound or high-definition video. To enjoy your entertainment experience to the maximum, you will need the latest technologies to craft the perfect environment for fun and relaxation.

Keep reading our blog to learn more about how smart home technology can help you create the best content-watching experience for your family and friends in your Lake Forest, IL home.

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3 Unique Applications for Your Lutron Shades

A living room with Lutron motorized shades halfway down

Add more convenience to your lifestyle with Lutron’s motorized shades

Motorized shades are subtle yet powerful additions to enhance your interior design and increase the comfort of your spaces. With the variety of fabrics that Lutron’s battery-powered solutions offer, you can bring more colors and textures into your décor while enjoying the convenience of managing your shades with one simple touch of your Lutron app. 

While all those benefits are great reasons to incorporate automated window treatments, the perks of motorized shades don’t end here. Keep reading our blog to learn three unique ways your shading system enhances your lifestyle.

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3 Ways You Can Take Entertainment to a New Level with Savant

A woman is watching TV and controlling her content with a Savant remote.

Create a better entertainment experience for your loved ones!

A home automation system is one of the greatest tools you can give to your family to enhance their lifestyle, as they can customize every element of their experience at home. So whether it helps you stay energized and focused during the day with smart lighting, maintain your privacy with automated window treatments, or keep your family and property safe with a surveillance system, you can have it all in a smart home!

Did you know that your home entertainment experience can also be improved with a home automation system? Avidia is a certified Savant dealer, and our team of experts is ready to provide you with the best tech solutions for superior content-watching. Keep reading our blog to learn more about how we can enhance your fun at your Glencoe, IL, home!

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4 Unique Ways to Elevate Your Lifestyle with Smart Lighting

A modern kitchen with overhead lighting and decorative ceiling lighting fixtures.

One button tap is all it takes to enjoy the benefits of residential lighting control

Lighting is a key element in making your home a welcoming, comfortable place. Proper lighting enhances your interior design, creates the right mood for everyday activities, and even helps you feel healthier! 

The experts at Avidia have years of experience integrating residential lighting control systems in Wilmette, IL. Are you curious about how we can help you enhance your life with lighting control solutions? Keep reading below to learn more about the unique experience of smart lighting!

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3 Unique Ways to Enhance Your Family’s Safety with Control4

A Control4 home automation iPad interface for arming the security system with a master bedroom in the background.

Keep your peace of mind with a smart home that keeps you happier and safer!

The safety of your home and family should be a top priority. Unfortunately, with so many different surveillance systems and devices, installing and keeping track of all of them can quickly become a tedious task. But don’t worry, Control4’s home automation system is here to solve that problem! Let the experts at Avidia turn your Glenview, IL house into a delightful smart home that will seamlessly fill your life with luxury, convenience, and comfort, all while keeping you and your loved ones safe.

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How Savant Home Automation Provides a Unique Experience

A woman sits in her living room while controlling her smart home through the Savant app on her tablet.

Enjoy the luxury and sophistication a smart lighting system adds to your spaces

Having a smart home system is all about bringing more luxury to your lifestyle and creating more enjoyable spaces. So, whether you need to add a stylish touch to your décor, create the right mood to enjoy your home entertainment, or have peace of mind with top-level surveillance, you can be sure that a Savant home automation system is the way to go. 

Savant provides world-class solutions that allow you to effortlessly control your lighting, shades, entertainment, surveillance, and more! Keep reading our blog to learn more about the perks of incorporating a home automation system into your Chicago, IL, home. 

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How a Home Automation Expert Can Help You Design First-Class Projects


Bring more luxury to your projects with the help of our home automation experts

Now more than ever, homeowners are looking for residences that create the right environment to fulfill their needs while maintaining a stylish, modern look. This has led architects and interior designers to incorporate smart home systems and AV designs into their projects. 

By partnering with a team of professional smart home designers, you’ll have the tools and guidance you need to seamlessly integrate these high-tech home automation solutions and increase the value of your projects. Keep reading to learn more about how a home automation expert can help you enhance the projects for your Lake Forest, IL clients. 

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Turn Up the Music at Your Pool Party with an Outdoor Speaker System


With these outdoor speaker system solutions, get ready for a great time at the pool with your family and friends!

With the arrival of warmer, sunnier spring days, it also arrives the mood for a pool party, to spend the day under the sun with a cold drink. Add delicious food, your closest friends, and then all you need is good music to set a cheerful ambiance.

Want to throw the best pool parties for your family and friends? Check out these outdoor speaker systems and learn how they can create the ambiance for a luxurious pool party in your Glenview, IL home.

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Savant Pro Remote: Control Just the Way You Want!


From entertainment to climate, take control of your home with a simple touch or even just your voice!

Having a smart home means adding so much luxury and convenience to your everyday life that you’re left wondering how there’s even potential for more comfort and leisure down the line. Well, wonder no more, because the Savant Pro Remote is the answer!

This custom remote allows you to create a completely personalized experience to enjoy everything in your home: entertainment, climate, security, lighting and more. It’s all within the touch of a button or simply the sound of your voice! Keep reading to learn how to enhance the experience in your Wilmette, IL home.

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