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Choosing the Best Outdoor Shades for Your Home

A home’s exterior showing shading from Progressive Screens lowered around a patio area.

How The Patented MagnaTrack Stands Out

When it comes to enhancing the comfort, usability, and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces, selecting the right shading solution is crucial! Whether it's for a patio, porch, or outdoor kitchen, the ideal shades offer protection from the elements and blend seamlessly with your architecture, contributing to the overall ambiance of your Northbrook, IL, home.

With a variety of options available in the industry, it can be a daunting task to choose the best fit. However, for those looking for an innovative, reliable, and versatile shading solution, the MagnaTrack shading system from Progressive Screens is a standout choice. Keep reading below to find out more!

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What Is the Best Brand of Solar Shades?

A modern enclosed patio with retractable solar shades, showcasing an outdoor dining area with rattan chairs and tables.

Why We Recommend Progressive Screens for Our Clients 

Picture the perfect outdoor family gathering in your backyard: the sun is shining, but nobody is squinting or uncomfortable. That's the magic outdoor solar shades bring to your Highland Park, IL, home. With the right shades, patios, decks, and porches transform into year-round retreats for relaxation and entertainment. Progressive Screens offers outdoor solar shades that shield against the sun's glare, reduce heat, and even protect against pesky bugs. This blog explores how their products make your home the ultimate destination, regardless of season. 

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Outdoor Motorized Shades Provide Comfort, Beauty, and Privacy

Outdoor motorized shades partially lowered around a patio area with furniture and a grill.

Enjoy the Pinnacle of Outdoor Living

Living along Lake Michigan in Lake Forest, IL, comes with incredible beauty, open spaces, and the opportunity to live in one of the most desirable suburbs in the nation. In this community, many homeowners have made their outdoor spaces extensions of their homes, a seamless flow of indoor and outdoor living carried by music and outdoor audio, fireplaces and firepits, and outdoor kitchens and grills. Essentially, it's the pinnacle of outdoor living.

You can maximize these living spaces using outdoor motorized shades, also known as retractable screens. These shades become part of the outdoor living design, added to three-season additions, patios, decks, outdoor kitchens, gazebos, and even garages. They create more livable space while retaining beautiful views. With the touch of a button, you create comfort, protection, and privacy.

In the world of automated outdoor screens, one company stands above the rest—Progressive Screens. 

Let's explore their benefits and features and how to maximize the time you enjoy your outdoor areas.

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Do I Need a Professional Network Design & Installation?

Pakedge networking device next to a Control4 smart home automation tablet

Advanced Network Techniques for High-End Residences in the Wilmette Region

Stunning upscale homes dot the picturesque landscape in Wilmette, and though homeowners may not know it, the demand for advanced home networking has never been more critical. 

The latest technology additions, such as home automation and motorized shades, working from home, and even smartwatches, can cause bottlenecked network traffic. And if you work from home or love streaming music and movies, your connections are likely struggling. Expert network design and installation are essential if you want to keep your favorite devices securely connected when and where you need them most.

This article delves into the sophisticated world of high-end home networking, so keep reading.

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Experience the Full Potential of Your Smart Home


Discover the Benefits of an Enterprise-Grade Home Network Setup Service

Today, we live in a connected world. At one time, our home networks supported about five connected devices. Now, that number has risen to an average of 20 or more. If you live in a smart home, those connected devices can reach into the hundreds.

Your network has become your home’s digital backbone. 

Today’s luxury homes require an enterprise-grade home network setup service to ensure they run smoothly, efficiently, and securely. As the leading home technology integrator serving Northbrook, IL, and the greater Chicagoland area, our clients at Avidia count on us to create customized solutions that result in uninterrupted and fast connectivity, no matter the size of their estate. 

Let’s explore how this setup can benefit your smart home.

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Enhance Your Everyday Life With Today's Home Network Solutions


Wi-Fi 6E Brings Fast, Reliable, Corner-to-Corner Coverage

A recent survey by Netgear revealed Americans' relationship with the internet and how it’s expanded in ways we could never have imagined just a few years ago. Today, we spend, on average, about 16 hours a day online. Whether working, streaming, or immersed in social media channels, it has become the core of our existence. 

Yet, 70% of respondents experience connectivity issues at home, and almost one-third report unreliable connections as a significant cause of stress.

What's happening? 

We've continued to add devices and services that eat away at our bandwidth, from gaming consoles to video conferencing and streaming services, without upgrading our home network. Add a smart home to the mix, and the demands on your network have expanded exponentially.

Today's home network solutions rely on adopting the new wireless standards. Let's explore the latest Wi-Fi protocol and what it offers your home in Glenview, IL.

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Illuminate Your Health and Home With Lutron Lighting Control

A luxury kitchen space with in-ceiling light fixtures.

Make Your New Year’s Resolution to Embrace Wellness and Efficiency

As we enter the new year, it's an excellent time for homeowners to learn about the power of light. Did you know that lighting affects our homes and well-being? This is one of the reasons why Lutron lighting control has become a popular choice for homeowners to enhance their quality of life and work toward healthier living. This new year, will you be resolving to improve the efficiency of your home?

Continue reading to learn about the wellness benefits of Lutron. Homeowners in the Wilmette, IL, area can turn to the experts at Avidia for more details and inspiration.

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Bring the Family Together with Control4 Home Automation

A happy family of four with two children, seated on a leather sofa, laughing and enjoying time together in a cozy living room.

Control4: Blending Safety, Comfort, and Fun in Your Home

A harmonious home is the foundation of a happy family life. Smart home technology has emerged as the go-to partner for bustling families in the past few years. Control4 home automation not only enhances home security but also elevates convenience and entertainment. It's a tool that seamlessly blends into your family's lifestyle, offering safety, ease of use, and fun. Control4 provides a perfect escape for all family members by adapting to your family's unique needs, making everyday living simpler and more enjoyable. Let's explore how a smart home becomes the ultimate family haven.

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Serena, Sivoia & Palladiom: The Difference Between Lutron Shades

A living room with Lutron shades on the window. Through the window are flowers in a green yard.

Comparing Lutron’s Motorized Shading Models 

If you’re curious about motorized shades and have begun to explore the world of Lutron, you may have come across several different models. There are Serena, Sivoia, and Palladiom motorized shades by Lutron—so which is best for your home?  

Deciphering the difference between Lutron shades can get confusing, but we’re here to help. Below, we’ll compare Lutron’s most popular shading models to help you find the best option for your Highland Park, IL, home. 

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Crafting the Ultimate High-Performance Network for Luxury Homes

Crafting the Ultimate High-Performance Network for Luxury Homes

Revolutionize Your Connectivity with Avidia's Home Network Setup Service

At the heart of every luxury home lies the pulse of high-speed connectivity. Today's luxury homes are command centers for high-tech lifestyles where every digital interaction counts. We know that a robust network is the backbone of modern luxury living, and we're here to ensure your sprawling estate is equipped with connectivity to support an ever-growing ecosystem of smart devices and entertainment services.

With coverage across extensive square footage needed and many connected devices, the potential for dead zones and buffering frustrations is real. What you need is a comprehensive home network setup service. Avidia stands ready to transform these challenges into a seamless digital experience, ensuring your network is reliable and available at every corner of your Lake Forest, IL, estate.

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