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How to Reduce Your Energy Expenses with Motorized Window Shades

A luxury living room with Lutron window shades.

Keep your energy costs low this winter season and all year long with our motorized shading solutions!

The winter season is arriving in Winnetka, IL, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Snowy days come with sleigh rides, cozy nights by the fireplace, and delicious hot cocoa with marshmallows. Unfortunately, however, this beautiful time of the year also comes with skyrocketing energy bills. After all, if you want to stay comfy and sniffles-free, you’ll need more than a fireplace to keep every area of your home nice and warm. 

Did you know that simple smart home installations, such as motorized window shades, can help you reduce your energy bills all year round? Keep reading this blog to learn everything about leading an eco-friendly and inexpensive lifestyle with these installations! 

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Bring Up Your Entertainment Experience with KEF Speakers

A pair of blue KED LS60 wireless speakers stand out in a white living room.

Your trusted KEF dealer integrates the best high-performance audio solutions!

There are few things more inspiring than high-performance sound. Whether you are a big Opera connoisseur or a hardcore action movie fan, there is no doubt that immersive sound has the power to make your heart skip a beat and fill your home with joy and excitement. However, in order to enjoy the listening experience you deserve, you must integrate audio installations capable of providing you with high sound quality and excellent performance.

At Avidia, we are proud KEF dealers, one of the most reputable brands in the high-end audio industry. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of one of our favorite products from this amazing company: the LS60 Wireless speaker. Keep reading to learn how it can elevate your listening experience in your Glenview, IL, home!

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3 Security Systems That Would Have Kept the Family from The Watcher Safe

A surveillance camera is overseeing a luxury home.

Learn from the mistakes of the Brannock family and integrate a home security system into your residence today!

With the spooky season in Highland Park, IL, upon us, many people have turned to streaming platforms to enjoy new and classic Halloween entertainment. Amidst all this eerie content fever, Netflix premiered The Watcher, an unnerving series based on a true story about a New York family that moves into their dream home, only to start getting harassed by creepy letters from someone who calls themselves “the watcher.” 

Throughout the series, it’s impossible not to wonder, “What would I do if this was happening to me?” Well, we certainly hope you would call the experts at Avidia to integrate a home security system, because we are convinced there are many headaches (and subsequent trauma) that the Brannock family could have avoided had they installed professional security solutions at 657 Boulevard. 

Keep reading below to learn how to prevent this family’s mistakes and keep your dream home safe from creepy Hollywoodesque watchers! 

P.S. We’ll keep spoilers to the minimum, but you might want to finish watching this series before reading!

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Top Ways Control4 Satisfies Your Smart Home Needs

A person is holding the Neeo Control4 remote.

Let a professional integrator provide the Control4 support you need and bring more luxury and convenience to your lifestyle!

For quite a few years now, smart home systems have become increasingly popular among luxury homeowners. And it’s easy to see why: they allow you to craft a unique experience with your surroundings. With a smart home automation system, such as Control4, it only takes a few seconds to create a unique experience that completely satisfies your and your family’s needs. But, in order to get the experience you deserve, you need a professional integrator to provide the right installations and Control4 support

Are you curious how adding a professionally-installed Control4 system to your home can elevate your lifestyle in Chicago, IL? Keep reading this blog to learn more!

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Top 3 Reasons to Keep Your Whole-Home Wi-Fi Up to Date

A woman sits on a desk near a large window to work on her computer.

Enhance every single experience at home with a strong internet connection!

In this day and age, having a robust whole-home Wi-Fi installation is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity. Why? Because it satisfies your need to communicate and connect with the world; your need to experience wonder and emotion through entertainment; your need to thrive, develop and grow. By keeping your home networking up to date, you can seamlessly take a world of information, entertainment and convenience right into your home. 

In this blog, we will explore three main reasons homeowners in Lake Forest, IL should make sure their internet connection is as strong and reliable as ever.

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Here’s Why You Need to Add Savant System to Your Home ASAP

A couple is sitting in their living room in a Savant-controlled home.

Integrate Savant technology and elevate your smart living experience!

Having a smart home is all about enjoying luxury, comfort and convenience all day, every day. Integrating a Savant system into your home allows you to easily manage your surroundings and create an environment where you and your family feel happy, motivated and ready to take on daily challenges. 

Keep reading our blog to learn three unique reasons you need to add Savant technologies to your Glenview, IL, home.

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Take Your Entertainment to the Next Level with a Multi-TV Display

A media room features three TV displays mounted next to each other with a couch on the foreground.

Enjoy a whole new content-watching experience with this high-quality installation from Avidia

Experience the sports bar experience without dealing with obnoxious patrons at the table next door or having to bother the waitress to get the game you want on your TV. Ready your home for the ultimate tailgate come football season with a multiple-TV installation that mimics the sports bar experience in the comfort of home. Seamlessly pull up the games you want and watch them simultaneously on high-performance displays. 

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of a multi-TV display installation which will provide you with a whole new way to enjoy entertainment. Keep reading to learn more about this type of installation and how it can boost the fun in your Chicago, IL, home.

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The Brands You Need To Enhance Your Audio-Video Design

A luxury media room with a floor-to-ceiling window overseeing the city.

Enjoy your entertainment experience to the fullest with our cutting-edge AV technologies

Smart technology should not only provide you with convenience and comfort but also with fun and entertainment. So whether you want to host a big backyard gathering to enjoy music and drinks or have a relaxing movie night in your cozy pajamas, integrating the latest technology in audio-video is the best way to ensure a superior experience. 

At Avidia, we have a team of professionals ready to help you elevate your AV design in your Glenview, IL, home. Want to learn more about the tech solutions that will improve your entertainment experience? Keep reading right below!

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3 Ways to Manage Your Smart Home with Control4

A tablet to control a smart home system is placed in the middle of a luxury bedroom.

Learn all about the ways you can craft the luxurious living experience your family deserves!

Having a smart home is about more than just making your life more convenient; it’s about creating a welcoming environment where your family feels happier, healthier and inspired to take on their daily challenges. With a home automation system such as Control4, you can effortlessly fill your living space with more luxurious experiences. It’s just as simple as pressing a button or giving out a voice command! 

At Avidia, we are a Control4 company ready to elevate your lifestyle with smart home technologies. Keep reading our blog to learn more about three convenient ways to manage your surroundings with Control4!

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Top Technologies You Didn’t Know Could Improve Your Home Theater

A luxurious home theater with three rows of seats.

Craft the perfect entertainment experience for your family with our innovative technologies!

Making the most of your home theater system goes way beyond adding 4K content, supreme surround sound or high-definition video. To enjoy your entertainment experience to the maximum, you will need the latest technologies to craft the perfect environment for fun and relaxation.

Keep reading our blog to learn more about how smart home technology can help you create the best content-watching experience for your family and friends in your Lake Forest, IL home.

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