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Control4 Home Automation Systems are Transforming Homes Around the World


Learn What Control4 Can Do for Your Home and Lifestyle

Have you heard about home automation and how it’s transforming our living spaces? According to Time, 63 million American homes will be considered “smart homes” in 2022. So, what’s all the excitement about, and why would 86% of millennials pay more for a connected home?

Some suggest it’s the ease of living that it brings, managing their home from one automated system. Others say it makes them feel safer, allowing them to look in on their family members or receive notifications when someone arrives at their door.

Whatever the reason, home automation is making headlines worldwide as industry leaders take technology to the next level almost daily. At Avidia, we partner with those leading brands to offer our clients the best automated solutions on the market.

Let’s see what a Control4 home automation system can do for your Chicago, IL home.

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Why Chicago Interior Designers Should Partner With a Lutron Installer


Interior designers in Chicago have faced a popularity surge, as many people have renewed interest in decorating their homes. Having to live, work, exercise, eat and play within the same four walls motivated Illinois homeowners to revamp their home design for both form and functionality. Wellness trends also spurred the interior design boom, bringing lighting control to the forefront of this initiative, as phrases like “human-centric lighting” and “circadian rhythm” sparked curiosity with both wellness-driven buyers and wellness-curious newcomers who simply wanted better sleep and greater productivity throughout the day.

As an interior designer, how can you keep up with the market demand for wellness-focused lighting for your clientele? Start by working with the area’s most trusted Lutron installer, Avidia! We’ll share why we recommend a partnership with a certified installer, so keep reading to see how working with us could give you a competitive edge.

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Reimagine a Different Design for Your Home Theater System


A Dedicated Home Theater Space Can Be So Much More When It’s Multipurpose

Home entertainment isn’t the same for everyone in your family. While some enjoy watching movies or TV shows, others like playing games or hosting parties. You may prefer solitary activities, such as listening to music or reading a book. With all the different personalities in your house, the idea of building a typical home theater isn’t particularly appealing for every member of your family. But what if you could have a home theater system that meets everyone’s needs?

A multipurpose entertainment room is the perfect solution. In a matter of seconds, you can transform it into a home theater space, a media room, a game room, or party central. Are you looking for a more flexible option in home theater design? Discover why a multiuse space might be the ideal solution for your home in Lake Forest, IL.

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Transform Your Home With Ketra Lighting


Ketra Offers Lights in Millions of Colors and Hues that Mimic the Sun

Ketra has long been known for its LED lights that display every color in the visible light spectrum. Imagine all the rainbow colors in their many hues and intensities, and you have Ketra lighting and the millions of colors at your disposal.

Then, in 2017, they changed the world of lighting yet again with their natural lighting system. Now, they adjust color temperature to mimic the sun's light, automatically changing throughout the day, from the early soft yellow rays of the welcoming sun to the warm, red hues at the end of the day.

If you're wondering what you could do with millions of colors of light, or light that mimics the sun, in your Chicago, IL home, read on. Not only does it add decorative flair to every room and feature in your home and yard, but it can also improve your sleep and mood.

Have we sparked your interest? Then, let’s start with the transformational power of Ketra’s tunable lighting and your circadian rhythm.

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3 Newly Added Features to Enjoy on Your Control4 Smart Home System


The Control4 OS 3.2.3 Update Grants You More Control and Personalization

If you own a Control4 smart home, you know just how instinctual and enjoyable it is to use. Control4 is committed to providing personalized smart home experiences that give families simple control of every smart device in the home. Plus, they’re always making improvements to fulfill that commitment.

In their latest OS 3 update, Control4 has brought a wave of cool new features that grant you more control and personalization over your smart home system! Learn about these new features below and how to make the most of them in your Chicago, IL home.

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Why Do My Home Wi-Fi Calls Keep Dropping?


Curb Roaming Woes with Professional-Grade Access Points

Wi-Fi calling is an excellent alternative to making voice and video calls at home when the cellular signal is bad. When you enable this feature on your smartphone, your phone carrier routes calls over your whole-home Wi-Fi network instead so that your calls stay clear and connected.

While Wi-Fi calling should save the day when cellular service is weak, many homeowners in Lake Forest, IL still suffer from dropped calls. You might not care if you’re chatting with a friend about weekend plans, but it’s detrimental when you’re on a sales call or talking to the authorities about an incident.

So, what’s causing dropped Wi-Fi calls? Let’s dissect the problem—and the solution—below.

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Setting Up a Surround Sound System? Here’s What to Know


Follow These Tips for an Epic Audio Experience in Your Home Theater

In an impressive home theater setup, a giant display is only part of the equation. If you want a movie-watching environment that rivals the cineplex, you’ll also need an enveloping, high-quality surround sound system to round out the experience.

We could talk about speaker selection and layout options in great length, but we’ll stick to the basics for those just getting started on a home theater system installation in their Highland Park, IL home. Read this guide to learn about common surround sound system configurations and get our top tips for ideal speaker placement.

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What Is Ketra Lighting and How Can It Transform Your Home?


You’ve Never Seen Home Lighting Like This Before

What’s the primary purpose of home lighting? Most would say functionality. After all, you need light to see and perform tasks. But to say lighting is only a mere utility would be selling it short. Lighting is capable of much more! It can add creative design to your interiors and even aid in wellness.

For light without limits, turn to Ketra lighting. Ketra is a leading manufacturer of tunable LED light solutions that are designed to enhance the human experience. Ketra, a Lutron company, pairs transformational tunable lighting with world-class controls to make home light personalized to you.

Keep reading to learn what’s possible when you bring Ketra lighting to your Chicago, IL home.

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Projector or TV: Which Screen Is Right for Your Home Theater?


Let’s Break Down the Considerations for Each Display Option

When our team works on custom home theater projects in the Glencoe, IL area, we often hear: “Should I get a projector or TV?” This question used to be much easier to answer when the brightness, size, and price gaps were significant between the two options. Today, you can find projectors that are more competitive with TVs in brightness and price. Plus, some TV screen sizes have reached the triple digits.

The reality is that both display options are excellent depending on the environment and how they’re used. Below, we break down key considerations for each option to help you pick the right display type.

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Beginner’s Guide to Lutron Home Lighting Control Solutions


Lutron Lighting Enhances Comfort and Convenience in Any Home

When it comes to home technology, smart lighting control is one of the most desirable solutions for homeowners who are interested in adding convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency to their life. Who wouldn’t love to automate their lights and control them from anywhere?

If you’re interested in smart lighting control for your new or existing home in Highland Park, IL, you’ll find everything you could need and more from Lutron, a leader in intelligent lighting systems since the 1950s. Learn about Lutron lighting by reading our beginner’s guide below.

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