3 Newly Added Features to Enjoy on Your Control4 Smart Home System


The Control4 OS 3.2.3 Update Grants You More Control and Personalization

If you own a Control4 smart home, you know just how instinctual and enjoyable it is to use. Control4 is committed to providing personalized smart home experiences that give families simple control of every smart device in the home. Plus, they’re always making improvements to fulfill that commitment.

In their latest OS 3 update, Control4 has brought a wave of cool new features that grant you more control and personalization over your smart home system! Learn about these new features below and how to make the most of them in your Chicago, IL home.

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Comparing Two Approaches to Multiroom Audio: Sonos vs. Control4


Which One is Right for You?

What sets a mood better than music? Spotify, for example, has playlists for driving, exercising, relaxing, falling asleep, and romance; and that covers just some of the activities and moods. Services like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music have made it ridiculously easy to dial up most of the world's recorded music on a smart device, so music is just a couple of clicks away with streaming.

As streaming has revolutionized music consumption, the equipment delivering it has changed quite a bit too. Old school stereo systems and vinyl still exist and are thriving, but many people have turned to the convenience of wireless speaker solutions for background listening. While wireless speakers (like the plethora of Bluetooth models) can sound quite good, most will fall short of audiophile class and not compare well to more traditional speakers. With Bluetooth in particular, the technology does not accommodate multiple speakers playing the same music in synchrony. Traditionally, multiroom audio systems in the home have been built around a music source, distribution amplifiers to power built-in speakers in multiple rooms, and a unified method of controlling it.

Sonos is a company that made a name for itself in multiroom audio by upending the traditional model. With its wireless speakers, a proprietary wireless network for synchronization, and a unified user interface from a smartphone or tablet, the company's products made it easy to have a multiroom system.

Does that mean that Sonos should be your multiroom system of choice? In some situations, it might do well. But there are many factors to consider for whole-home audio. If you’re considering a multiroom audio system for your Glenview, IL home, read on to compare two approaches to state-of-the-art whole home systems: Sonos and Control4.

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Want Great Audio Throughout Your House?


Control4 Multiroom Audio Shows You How

These days, there is no shortage of home audio solutions, from simple Bluetooth speakers or high fidelity two-channel to ultra-high-end multichannel home theaters. Each has its purpose and advantages. What if you want a solution that is simple to operate, can expand to every possible area where you want great sound, and can feed every music and audio source you can imagine all through your house?

For that scenario, we recommend Control4 multiroom audio. It will tick all the boxes you will want to check. Can it handle multiple sources, digital and analog? Check. Can it scale to many rooms or zones, even outdoors? Check. Can it deliver high-quality sound to every space? Check. And critically, is it easy to operate so the whole family can use it? Check.  

Why is Control4 the right multiroom audio solution for your Barrington, IL home? We’ll show you why below.


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Spend More Time in the Backyard with an Outdoor Speaker System


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Outdoor Audio All Year Long

Rain, snow, or heat can’t get in the way of speakers and subwoofers by Coastal Source. They’re built to endure any weather while still playing high-quality audio. We’ll wire your speakers neatly underground to connect to one system, so you’ll automatically enjoy the same tunes across multiple areas in your backyard. If you have a multi-room audio system indoors, your outdoor speakers can sync with them, too, easily controlled by your Control4 smart home system.

Coastal Source creates a variety of speakers for your backyard or patio. Their Ellipse Bollards are bi-amplified full-range speakers with a large driver area, offering higher fidelity and performance than most outdoor speakers. Its Plug + Play feature makes it easy to install your speakers and maintain air and watertight cable connections for years of top performance.

For more discreet outdoor audio, their bullet speakers are 3” small and perfect for peppering your landscaping or lining pathways. For even subtler technology, Coastal Source’s rock speakers are designed to blend in with nature in an organic rock shape. Your guests will be left wondering, “Where is that music coming from?”

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Experience Truth in Sound with MartinLogan Loudspeakers



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MartinLogan: An Introduction

MartinLogan was formed in the late 1970s by founders Gayle Martin Sanders and Ron Logan Sutherland. The two music enthusiasts met at a high-end audio store in Kansas and discovered their shared passion for electrostatic speakers, which were known for their impressive sonic purity.

Unsatisfied with electrostatic speakers’ formidable challenge to produce bass frequencies and deliver an even dispersion of sound, Sanders and Sutherland set out to reinvent the electrostatic speaker so that it could produce adequate bass, output, and sound dispersion while maintaining the sound clarity that made electrostatic speakers popular among audiophiles.

In 1983, Sanders and Sutherland did just that. The Monolith, a full-range hybrid electrostatic loudspeaker, came to life and was the catalyst that eventually launched MartinLogan to the top of the list of world-renowned high-end audio brands.

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Bring Movies to Life with MartinLogan Architectural Speakers



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The Pinnacle of Architectural Loudspeaker Design

If you’ve experienced MartinLogan’s most ambitious floorstanding hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers, then you likely have a high benchmark for audio performance. Fortunately, you can experience that same level of accuracy and impact from an in-wall speaker when you choose the Masterpiece CI (custom install) speaker series from MartinLogan. The Masterpiece CI series is a tribute to the acoustic innovations of their iconic electrostatic speakers that put MartinLogan on the map.

The Masterpiece CI Statement 40XW in-wall loudspeaker is a testament to this achievement. With 16 tweeters, 16 midrange drivers, and eight woofers arrayed in a line-source design, the Statement 40XW delivers jaw-dropping levels of full-spectrum output even in the largest listening areas.

Its superior components and innovative design eliminate most of a room’s performance-destroying sound reflections, resulting in highly accurate and distortion-free sound. Enjoy a broad, enveloping soundstage with lifelike rendering of the most subtle audio details in all your favorite movies.

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Looking for Audiophile-Grade Speakers with a Lighter Price Tag?


SEE ALSO: Bring Movies to Life with MartinLogan Architectural Speakers

Audiophile Quality without the Audiophile Price

Electrostatic speakers are a rare breed of speaker, capable of extraordinary realistic reproduction of sound based on their meticulous and unconventional design. Anyone who’s heard the sonic purity of a MartinLogan electrostatic speaker can conclude that there’s simply nothing else like it.

As the top purveyor of luxury electrostatic speakers, MartinLogan set out to provide this same sound quality for audiophiles on a limited budget by introducing the Motion Series in 2010. Today, the Motion Series line delivers a richly detailed musical and cinematic experience at an unrivaled price.

MartinLogan achieved this through their unique Folded Motion tweeter technology. This thin-film transducer design packs the same accuracy and delicacy of an electrostatic panel into a small space by crimping the lightweight film transducer into an accordion-like structure to increase the tweeter surface area. The result is higher levels of sonic accuracy, extended bandwidth, and higher output capability, all with a faster and more efficient transient response and almost zero distortion.

This Folded Motion tweeter design paired with high-performance mid-frequency and bass drivers and hand-built, custom-tuned crossovers makes it possible to extend the signature MartinLogan sound beyond electrostatic speakers to a more traditional and affordable speaker line.

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