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What Is Gigabit Internet Service and Why Should You Care?


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The Difference of Gigabit Internet Service: Why You Need Gigabit Internet

Gigabit internet, also known as high-speed internet or gig-speed internet, transmits data up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps). This means that you are downloading 1,000,000,000 bits per second or 1,000 mbps. That rate of speed is 100 times faster than the average internet connection in the country!

Gigabit internet runs on fiber-optic cable, which transports data using light signals instead of electrical currents. Because light is faster than electrical pulses, fiber can transmit more megabits per second than copper cable and offers higher bandwidth. Plus, while signals over copper lines worsen as you travel farther from the source, distance knows no bounds with fiber.

Popular broadband internet providers likeXfinity and AT&T have made gigabit internet available for homeowners from coast to coast as a reliable connection in the home is becoming more of a necessity than ever before. So, what can you expect if you decide to make the switch to gigabit internet?

What to Expect When You Upgrade to Gig Internet

First, you can expect work-worthy, fast internet. If you’re working from home, you can’t be bothered with slow upload speeds that cause lagging video meetings and dropped wi-fi calls. Poor internet could make the difference between winning or losing a sale. Gigabit offers matching download and upload speeds for unwavering video conferencing and online work collaboration.

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The Crucial Role of Professional Network Design and Installation

Woman sitting on a gray couch sipping out of a mug, her laptop open on her lap.

Stay connected when it matters most. 

Today, everything from communication to commerce relies on connected technology, making a robust and reliable network more critical than ever. Whether you're running a small business, managing a large enterprise, or simply looking to enhance your home connectivity, the importance of professional network design and installation cannot be overstated. 

Come with us to explore why investing in your Winnetka, IL, network is imperative!

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Why Do My Home Wi-Fi Calls Keep Dropping?


Curb Roaming Woes with Professional-Grade Access Points

Wi-Fi calling is an excellent alternative to making voice and video calls at home when the cellular signal is bad. When you enable this feature on your smartphone, your phone carrier routes calls over your whole-home Wi-Fi network instead so that your calls stay clear and connected.

While Wi-Fi calling should save the day when cellular service is weak, many homeowners in Lake Forest, IL still suffer from dropped calls. You might not care if you’re chatting with a friend about weekend plans, but it’s detrimental when you’re on a sales call or talking to the authorities about an incident.

So, what’s causing dropped Wi-Fi calls? Let’s dissect the problem—and the solution—below.

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3 Signs You Might Need a Home Network Upgrade


And Why You Should Consider a Professional Network Installation

Home networking is practically a utility as necessary as running water and electricity. A connection to the internet is required for many daily activities. Whether you’re checking your work email, scrolling through your Facebook feed, watching a show on Netflix, or the kids are doing their school homework, all those things require reliable connectivity to work. What happens when you can't access the internet? Everyone gets quickly frustrated.

Sometimes it’s not difficult to fix a problem. Restarting an app, reloading a web page, or the occasional rebooting of your router and modem can fix the random network glitch. But sometimes these problems are less random and happen more consistently. When they do, it may be a sign that your home network is the problem.

Let’s explore three signs that indicate that your network is not measuring up to the task, and how a professional home network installation might be the answer for your Highland Park, IL home.


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Hate Dealing with Comcast? Avidia Can Help


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The Comcast Assistance Service

What is the Comcast Assistance service, and why does it exist? We know that you lead busy lives, and you have better and more important things to do than deal with bureaucracy and tell multiple people what you need to be done. Avidia gives you one point of contact for dealing with Comcast.

Are you having a new internet or cable service installed? One call to us and we take care of it. Our technician will be at your house and supervise the installation, ensuring that your network and TV service works the way you want it.

If you are having internet or other connectivity issues, you don't call Comcast – you just call us instead. We will troubleshoot the problems with Comcast, and if it requires an onsite visit, we will schedule it and be there for that, too. No more waiting on the phone, going through troubleshooting scripts with Comcast support, or even taking time out of your day for the appointment; Avidia will handle it all for you.

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Don’t “Mesh” Up Your Whole-Home Wi-Fi Network


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The Problem with Wireless Mesh Networks

Wireless mesh networks are over-advertised as the Holy Grail for improving internet connections in the home. While they can be a passing solution for entry-level applications where wi-fi connection isn’t critical, homeowners who rely on an internet connection for their business need a solution they can trust around the clock.

In a mesh network, every hop between access points around the home decreases the bandwidth by half. The more hops, the worse the bandwidth becomes. Several hops also increase network latency, which results in buffering and dropouts in certain applications, such as streaming audio and video.

Plugging in mesh repeaters around the home simply won’t offer the same guarantee for reliability as professional solutions, and that matters when a few minutes of downtime while working from home means thousands of dollars lost.

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Secure Your Home Devices Against Modern Cyber Threats with Sophos


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The Ultimate Home Cyber Security Protection

Sophos is a multi-layer security software solution that defends all your connected devices. From advanced ransomware protection to AI-powered malware protection with deep learning, Sophos protects your devices from a multitude of threats. Sophos not only secures your Windows or Mac computers but protects your tablets and phones, too.

Powered by artificial intelligence, Sophos is designed as a complete cyber protection system that is always up-to-date on the latest threats and is easily managed from one intuitive cloud-based platformWhen you choose Sophos, you receive the same industrial-grade security that’s used by Fortune 500 companies—right at home. Sophos offers expert, 24/7 protection against frustrating phishing attempts, viruses, privacy threats, password theft, risky websites, hacking, and more.

Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

According to IT consultancy Intellectual Point, hackers attack a computer in the US every 39 seconds. Businesses face over 4,000 hacks every day via ransomware alone. As technology advances, hackers are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning to trigger automated cyberattacks that can compromise secure systems without human intervention. That’s a scary reality to live and work in.

The glut of digital data and continued transition to remote work call for advanced cyber security measures now more than ever. When you sleep on proper cyber protection, you’re not only putting yourself at risk but your employees and business as well, leading to potentially catastrophic consequences. Ensure unwavering protection from cybercrime by working with a professional home network installation company like Avidia.

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