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3 Ways Smart Home Technology Gives You Hands-Off Control

A Home Automation System Facilitates Your Everyday Activities

3 Ways Smart Home Technology Gives You Hands-Off Control

Do you want to add a touch of luxury to your technology? Switching from remotes to elegant touchpads is the first step, but what if your home automation system went even further? Allow yourself more freedom and efficiency with hands-off control. We can create a custom solution that takes advantage of sensors, scheduled scenes and voice control to make life easier in your Wilmette, Illinois home. Read on to find out how each of these features contributes to your smart home. 

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How many times have you found yourself having to walk back to a room after realizing you left the light on? Eliminate the problem entirely by installing occupancy sensors in every room. Lights will turn on when you walk in then turn off after the room has been unoccupied for some time. You can also have certain appliances or electronics automatically turn off in unused rooms. In your outdoor spaces, get better surveillance footage by having lights turn on as soon as unwanted activity is detected. Have walkways light up as you walk past to eliminate tripping hazards.

The other type of sensors you should include in your home automation system are photo sensors. These sensors are placed on windows and react to the amount of natural light available. Help your thermostat cool down by having shades automatically close when hit by direct sunlight. You can also save energy by having artificial lights turn off when natural light is available.

Scheduled Scenes

Another hands-off approach is the use of scheduled scenes. You just have to put in the work once, or let us do it for you, then reap the rewards for years to come. Once these scenes are set up in your system they will happen on a recurring schedule without you having to do anything.

Try a “Wake Up” scene that raises the shades, turns on lights and begins playing music when it’s time to get up. If you’re worried about lights staying on overnight and doors not being locked, a “Good Night” scene can turn off all lights and lock the doors every night at midnight. Time your landscape lighting to go on as soon as the sun sets and turn off when the sun rises.

Voice Control

What if your smart home could serve as your personal butler? Just tell it what you want and it takes care of it for you. A home automation system makes that dream a reality through the use of voice control. Say the name of a specific scene to activate it, like a “Welcome” scene that turns on the lights in the foyer, lowers the thermostat and turns on the TV to your favorite channel. Get peace of mind by simply saying “All Off” to a touchpad by your bed to turn off all lights, lock all doors and set the alarm at the end of the night.

Enjoy the ultimate in luxury living with a home automation system that gives you a hands-off approach to your technology. Are you interested in a smart home designed to meet your unique needs?

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