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Motorized Window Treatments

When it comes to smart technology for your home, motorized window shades offer a variety of benefits. Whether you’re looking to keep the sun out when sleeping in on a Sunday or let in a natural glow to enhance your décor, with smart control of your shades it’s easy to manage the amount of natural light in your Winnetka or Glencoe home.

Avidia offers custom solutions for the types of shades you install and how you manage them. Solar shades may be perfect to regulate the temperature in your home, while blackout shades are ideal for entertainment rooms. Some shades may also benefit from a different type of control option whether it’s via a mobile app, remote control or voice commands. Whatever your home’s needs, we can help you design a custom smart shading solution.


Solar Shades

Solar shades are designed to block sunlight –and its associated heat gain—without blocking your view. You can have a variety of design options when it comes to the shades' color, style, and openness factor.

If your shades have an openness factor of 5% it means they are blocking 95 percent of the light. The darker your fabric, the more visibility it will have compared to lighter fabrics at the same openness factor. This is because dark material sucks up the light, while it tends to bounce around in lighter material.

Blackout Shades

Blackout shades are designed to completely block light coming into the room (so, in theory, they would have a 0 percent openness factor). These are ideal for bedrooms, media rooms or home theaters.

These motorized window shades come in a variety of color and design options and can also be part of dual shades. Include both solar and blackout shades on your window fixture and easily manage which you want to use at a given time with automation.

Wired vs. Wireless

When discussing wired vs. wireless solutions for your motorized window shades we’re primarily talking about power, not the way you control them. You can choose between having battery-operated shades and using a hard-wired connection.

While battery-operated shades are easier to install, they do come with a few drawbacks. You are limited in your design and size options (since they may not be powerful enough to lift heavier fabrics), and wireless motors tend to be a bit louder.

Silent Motor Technology

For all of our automated window treatments, we work with a variety of manufacturers that offer silent motor technology. With these motors, all the changes to your shades are practically inaudible.

This silent motor technology is ideal in situations where you want to make subtle changes when going to bed at night or watching a movie. You can test various shades at our dealer showroom to see which options offer the least amount of noise.