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4 Tips for a Successful Landscape Lighting System

Avidia Extends the Reach of Your Home Lighting Control Solution

4 Tips for a Successful Landscape Lighting System

Unveiling your outdoor spaces as the hot summer months approach doesn’t have to be a hassle. Need a quick way to transform your patio, pool or backyard? Add functionality and beauty to your space with a comprehensive landscape lighting system linked to your whole home lighting control. Fashionable lights highlight your Winnetka home's best features while sensors keep pathways lit at all times. Everything is easily managed from the smart device of your choice. Read on for some tips to a successful system!

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1. Connect Your Landscape Lighting to a Smart Control Solution

The benefits of a landscape lighting system are numerous, from increasing your security to adding personality to your home. However, many people shy away from a comprehensive system because it can be difficult to manage multiple fixtures spread over such a large space. We incorporate your system into your home lighting control and smart home automation solutions.

This way you can manage your system from the same user interface you use to control indoor lights, security, audio/video and more. That interface can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet or touchpad depending on your personal preferences. Below we’ll also talk at how sensors, scenes and schedules help you manage your system.

2. Highlight and Diversify Your Space With Pre-Set Scenes

In any successful landscape lighting design you’re going to have different types of fixtures that highlight certain features or enhance distinct areas. Instead of having to sift through dozens of options to find the one you want, you can create scenes that activate certain lights at the same time to fit a specific activity.
A “Welcome” scene, for example, lights up your fountain when guests pull up on the driveway, lights the pathway to your front door and even turns on the lights in the foyer. A “Barbecue” scene turns on the lights on your patio and the dedicated light over the grill so you can have a well-lit area to host friends and family.

3. Enhance Path Lights with Motion Sensors

Reducing tripping hazards in your outdoor spaces is another prime function of your landscape lighting. Most homes include path lights so people can see where they’re walking at all times. While some households like to always keep path lights on for aesthetic purposes, you can install motion sensors instead. As soon as someone begins walking down a specific path, it lights up to guide the way.

4. Improve Energy Efficiency with Smart Schedules

Just like motion sensors help you conserve energy, you can do so through the use of smart schedules as well. Most of your landscape lighting fixtures should stay off during the day and only be used when it gets dark. Through your home lighting control system, you can choose which lights should be turned off at a particular time every morning. You can then do the same in the evening, choosing which lights need to be turned on at a specific time every day.

Get your home ready for the summer months with a beautiful landscape lighting system from Avidia. Call us at (847) 868-9200 or fill out our online contact form to set up a consultation.