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Enhance Your Home’s Style With Smart Lighting

Avidia Designs a Solution That Highlights Your Space’s Best Features

Enhance Your Home’s Style With Smart Lighting

Lighting can be one of your home’s biggest design element. Once you've picked out the right furnishing and painted the walls your desired color, it's time for lighting to do its work. It’s not only about what fixtures you include or where you place them; it's about how you use them. That's where a smart home lighting control system steps in. With centralized access to your lights, it’s easy to manage them to set the mood or highlight specific features.

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Set the Perfect Lighting With Dimmers

A major element in interior design is texture. This has to do as much with your couch material as it does your lights. Through the use of dimmers, you can find the level you want for every fixture in your home from LEDs to floor and table lamps. With centralized control, you can find each light within your user interface and set its specific level. By setting different levels for each fixture you create texture in your lighting, adding depth to your space while spotlighting certain features.

Make Stylish Arrangements With Scenes

A home lighting control system also gives your interior design newfound versatility. While a low glow is perfect for relaxing on the couch, brighter, multi-colored LED fixtures may be a better option when hosting friends. You don’t have to agonize trying to find the perfect shade for each occasion. Once you’ve found what you like, save it into a pre-set scene you can pull up at a moment’s notice at a later time.

Eliminate Clutter With Smart Control

Have you ever looked at a photos of homes in architectural or interior design magazines? You’ll notice none of them include light switches or power outlets. These are usually photoshopped out in order to give a more stylish look to the images. What if you could this in real life?

There are two ways to do it with smart home lighting control. First, you can manage all your fixtures from a smartphone, tablet or touchpad to eliminate the need for wall clutter. In rooms with multiple light fixtures, incorporate flush-mounted keypads on the wall that include scene settings and eliminate the need for side-by-side switch arrangements.

Protect Your Décor With Smart Shading

Enhance your interior design by protecting your home from the sun with QMotion motorized shade solutions. Link your shades to photo sensors and program them to close as soon as the sensors are hit directly by the sun. This way, you ensure vulnerable art work or furniture is never hit directly by UV rays.

This opens up your design options by letting you place sensitive items where they fit best in your home, without limiting them to areas far from windows. Even without sensors, we can also incorporate Lutron solar shades that block out the sun while still allowing you to look out. These come in a variety of color and design options, so it's easy to find ones that fit your distinct style.

Bring out your personal style with a smart lighting system! Contact Avidia for a custom solution designed to fit your space.