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How Control4 Lets You Stick With the Brands You Love

Home Automation Company Has Growing List of Compatible Partners

How Control4 Lets You Stick With the Brands You Love

One of the perks of using a Control4 dealer for your smart home needs is that your system can be custom-designed to include what matters most to you. You can choose to include lighting, security, AV, climate control, and more depending on your family’s needs. You can also decide how you want to incorporate that technology into your Lake Forest, IL home. While Control4 offers most of the software and hardware (from speakers to thermostats) needed for your smart home, it also gives you the opportunity to work with the brands you’ve come to love.

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What Companies Are Compatible With Control4?

Since the company was founded in 2003, Control4 has expanded its list of industry partners every year. They now work with the top brands in the HVAC, audio, video, and security industries to offer smart home solutions that include the best technology in the world. Among the official Control4 partners are Sony, Amazon, Lutron, Apple, McIntosh, and Nest. Anyone that wants to become a certified partner, can inquire on the company’s website.

How Does Control4 Make Partners Compatible?

Control4 smart homes can include almost any technology you envision. As your official custom integrators, we work with you to integrate the equipment you want. However, working with a Control4 partner will ensure greater compatibility and reliability in the long run. Below, we explain some of the ways the company helps its partners fit perfectly into their home AV or automation systems.

  • Driver Development: Partner integration begins with the development of a compatible driver. Whichever device or product will be added to your system will include this driver which lets the device communicate with your system. Control4 provides all its partners with the necessary tools and resources to create these drivers quickly and efficiently. 
  • Control4 Certification: Once the drivers have been created, Control4 will test the partner products within its systems to make sure they integrate seamlessly. If they pass various tests, they are given a “Control4 certified” status. All Control4 dealers are encouraged to give preference to these products.
  • Device Discovery Protocol: Using Control4 certified products will not only result in a more reliable system but also a quicker installation. Control4 partner products include Simple Device Discovery Protocol Software. Once the device has SDDP enabled, it’s easy for Control4’s automation systems to automatically find it and install it.

You don’t have to abandon your favorite products when you upgrade to a smart home. The experts at Avidia work with you to find the right balance between Control4’s native devices and its industry partners when designing your new smart home.

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