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7 Ways to Go Green With Smart Technology

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With a Custom Solution From Avidia

7 Ways to Go Green With Smart Technology

Although a lot of the information on smart home automation systems focuses on the convenience factor, smart technology can also have a significant return on investment. Through efficient use of all the technology in your Glencoe, Illinois home, you can reduce your carbon footprint and monthly energy bills. From lighting control to smart thermostats, here are some ways we can help you go green this year. 

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Change the Default Settings on Your Lights

With centralized control from a touchpad, tablet or smartphone, it's easy to make widespread adjustments. Except for some rare occasions, you don't need to have all the lights in your home at 100 percent intensity. You can dim each fixture from 100 to 90 percent to significantly cut down on your monthly energy use.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Another way to give your artificial lights a break is to embrace natural light. You can install photo sensors to gauge the amount of sunlight throughout the day. During the brightest times of day, your shades rise and your lights dim so you're not wasting energy.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Whether you’re trying to keep a large home cool in the summer or cozy in the winter, it takes a lot of energy for your thermostat to adjust the temperature. Smart technology helps in a variety of ways. For one, it’s easy to change the temperature in each room so you can spend fewer resources on those that aren’t being used. Turn up your thermostat when you’re not home and alert it when you’re on the way back so it can have the right temperature ready when you return.

Smart Shading Lends a Helping Hand

Your HVAC system’s biggest partner is smart shading. With smart control, your shades automatically close when hit directly by sunlight to help cool down your home. You can also schedule them to close during the hottest times of day.

Incorporate Motion Sensors

Take a hands-free approach to your green home with motion sensors. Have lights and appliances turn off after a room has been empty for a period of time. No more having to walk from room to room to ensure everything is turned off throughout the day.

Create Smart Scenes

Make sure energy is only used when needed by creating scenes within your smart home automation system. You can have an “Away” scene that turns off all lights and televisions when you leave the house or a similar scene every night when it’s time for bed.

Enhance Your Pool Controls

With smart pool controls, you can adjust your pool temperature on the drive home so it's ready for an afternoon dip once you arrive. With intuitive control not only is the pool always at the right temperature, but you don't waste resources cooling down the pool during a cold front or heating it up during an unseasonably hot spring day.

Looking for a reason to embrace smart home automation technology? Contact Avidia for a solution that will reduce your energy consumption while improving your day-to-day living.