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How to Enhance Your Home Theater with Smart Lighting

Create the Perfect Design to Enjoy Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows

How to Enhance Your Home Theater with Smart Lighting

Home theater design is all about adapting your room to enhance your new speakers, projector, and screen. Every aspect of the space can be adjusted to give you the best audio and video quality possible. For the latter, much of the focus is on creating the right lighting environment. Through blackout shades, stylistic adjustments, and smart control, we help you design a movie-watching experience in your Wilmette, IL home that mimics the one in a commercial theater.

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Eliminate Ambient Lighting

A big part of your home theater design is making the room as dark as possible. We recommend installing your system in a room with no windows, but if that's not feasible you can install blackout shades to reduce light coming in from the outside. You can also modify your décor to keep light from bouncing around the room. Use darker colors for your walls, ceilings, and carpeting and avoid using decorations that include glass enclosures.

Centralize Control of Lights

As part of your home theater design, you should have a smart control solution in place that makes it easy for you to turn lights on and off, dim them, and open and close the shades. Manage everything from the same device you use to turn on your projector or change the channel. This way you don’t have to get out of your seat to close blackout shades and set the right lighting.

Pull Up Your Favorite Settings

Lighting control Lighting control is also essential when creating a versatile home theater design. With so much time and effort going into installing your private theater, your family should use it for more than just watching movies. It can also be a place to stream TV shows, play video games, or even listen to your favorite albums. Each of these functions may need a different type of lighting. To make the adjustments quickly, you can create pre-set scenes within your theater for each function. For example, as soon as you activate your “Gaming” scene, the projector and gaming console turn on and the lights brighten. 

Automate Lighting Changes

You can also have certain lighting changes happen automatically according to specific triggers. Whenever you hit play, the lights automatically dim. When you hit pause, they turn back up so you can make your way to the kitchen for some snacks. If someone wants to get up without interrupting the movie, you can link small LED lights on the floor to motion sensors. When someone gets out of their seat, the lights guide the way to the exit.

To learn more about everything that goes into a successful home theater design, check out our previous blogs or contact us to set up a consolation.