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Host the Perfect Holiday Party With Smart Control

Avidia Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Time With Friends and Family

Host the Perfect Holiday Party With Smart Control

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and then it’s the home stretch until the winter holidays. There’s nothing more exciting than bringing friends and family together for a celebration, but there’s no denying it can be stressful for even the best of hosts. Avidia helps you focus on what matters most during the holidays by installing a smart home automation system in your Winnetka, Illinois home that helps you become the perfect host.

Prepare the Perfect Greeting

When it comes to hosting, you want every second to be memorable. Why shouldn’t that include the initial arrival? With lighting control, it is easier than ever to create a stunning Christmas display that will make your home stand out to guests. With smart control, you can remotely alternate the displays and colors you want to showcase.
When guests arrive, let them feel welcome. Have a pre-set scene in your system that activates when they pull into the driveway. Your pathway lights guide the way to the front door, the fountain or pool LED fixtures change color and you receive an alert on your phone to know the second someone’s arrived.

Enhance Your Favorite Entertainment

We know how heated the battle for the remote can get between watching football, putting on a movie or streaming music. Battle no longer with a home audio video system that lets you create specific entertainment zones which will not interfere with each other. You can listen to your favorite music in the kitchen as you prepare dinner while the family watches the game in the living room.

Want to make sure you don’t miss a moment of the action between the NFL, college football and basketball games? Avidia can design a game room, bar or media room with multiple displays. Your distributed audio video system makes it easier than ever to install and control a multi-display room. From your smartphone, touchpad or tablet you can choose which screen’s audio to play through your in-ceiling speakers and easily pick a television from your menu to flip the channels.

Even first-time guests will find your equipment easy to use. When you send the children to the custom home theater downstairs, they can simply press a ‘Watch Cartoons’ setting on the room’s touchpad to dim the lights, turn on the display and choose their favorite movie.

Keep the Night Running Smoothly

As you continue preparations in the kitchen, get inspired with a pre-set ‘Cooking’ scene. Your go-to playlist begins playing, the temperature lowers to compensate for the stove and the lights brighten so you can read your recipes. If someone comes to the door, open it remotely without having to leave the food unattended.
Now it’s time to bring everyone together for dinner! Not a problem with smart home automation. The days of yelling over TV chatter are gone. Use your phone to mute or pause video in other rooms so you can be heard clearly when you call everyone over.

Finally, it’s time to sit down for dinner. Your ‘Dining Room’ scene dims the lights in other rooms while raising the fixtures around the table. A holiday playlist begins to set the mood without discouraging conversation. You can do this by installing a multi-channel, in-wall speaker system that disperses sound evenly throughout the room. This way you’re not stuck with areas in the room where the music is too loud to talk. With everything in place, everyone can focus on enjoying your world-famous stuffing.

Contact Avidia today to install a smart home automation system that will help you leave a lasting impression on family and friends this holiday season!