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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Home Audio?

It’s Time to Invest in A Professional Whole House Audio System

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Home Audio?

As technology continues to evolve from the radio to today’s streaming devices, one thing has remained constant: no form of entertainment is more beneficial to your family than music. A combined study done by Sonos and Apple earlier this year found that families that listen to music are happier and spend more time together. Maybe that's why whole house audio solutions are some of the most popular in the smart technology market, even above security and custom theaters. Which is why it’s so important you have a system in place in your Winnetka, IL home that offers high-quality audio and convenient control.  

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Easy Control of Entertainment

The digital music era has made it easier than ever to find the music you want within a matter of seconds. Through media libraries or streaming services, you can have thousands of songs at your disposal on your desktop, laptop or tablet. Where many families are still falling behind is getting that music to play in high quality throughout their homes. Without an easy way to send those songs to their speakers, they’re stuck playing music on their mobile devices.

Whole house audio offers a comprehensive solution to this problem. We place all your speakers and source components under the same intuitive user interface. Using the control device of your choice—a touchpad, smartphone or tablet—you can choose the song you want and play it anywhere even if you're not in the same room. You can even select all your home's speakers at once, immediately filling your entire space with music. 

Streamline Your System

An added benefit of a professional whole home audio system is that we can consolidate it. All your sources –media libraries, CD players, etc.—can be placed in an AV closet. We then use matrix switchers to transmit the signal to the speaker of your choice. This limits the amount of clutter in each room and lets you invest in fewer source components. It also makes it easier to service your system in the future since everything’s all in one place. 

Audio for Any Occasion

While making your system easy to use is a big priority, making it efficient is just as important. As part of your installation, we help you find the best speakers and layouts for your home depending on how you intend to listen to your music. Whether you want to listen outdoors, in a home theater, or in your kitchen, we find the best solution for each space.

Add a Touch of Style

As part of that consultation, we also take your stylistic preferences into account. If you have a smaller space or a minimalist style, we can install in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to reduce clutter. If you want to make speakers part of your interior décor, we find the models and colors that make the most sense for each room.

Do you think your home audio could use an upgrade? We can design a solution primed to meet your family’s preferences.

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