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Lighting Control

Lighting control systems are one of the most popular forms of smart home technology because they can affect almost every part of your home. Entertaining guests, watching a movie, or waking up in the morning all depend on having the right lighting. Make it easier to find the perfect settings by controlling all your fixtures from a touchpad, mobile device or elegant keypad.

With intuitive control, you can turn lights on and off and dim them from 0-100 percent to create the perfect ambiance in your Winnetka home and significantly reduce your monthly energy bills. Below, we highlight some common lighting control options to see which solution would work best for your home.


Centralized Lighting

With centralized lighting, you can manage all your light fixtures from the control option of your choice whether it’s a tablet, touchpad or smartphone. We work with you in a new construction or retrofit to figure out where lighting fixtures will go and how you’d like to manage them.

With all your lighting fixtures under one central umbrella, you can also take advantage of some hands-off control options including voice commands, sensors and scheduling.

Wireless Lighting

For retrofit jobs, you can forgo the need for a thorough wiring installation and opt for a wireless lighting control system that lets you manage all of your light fixtures through a remote, wireless keypad or mobile app.

While these solutions are a great retrofit option, they’re best for one-room solutions or smaller homes. For a larger home, you want to upgrade to a hardwired solution that offers greater reach and dependability.


Keypads can enhance your Glencoe home’s style while making your lighting more efficient. Instead of using traditional switches, these keypads let you control multiple fixtures at once through the use of ‘smart’ scenes.

These ‘smart’ scenes immediately pull up your preferred lighting levels for specific activities. For example, a “Welcome” scene on a keypad by your front door turns on the lights to the foyer and the kitchen when you get home.

Control4 vs. Lutron

When it comes to lighting control, Control4 and Lutron offer the best solutions for your home. Lutron offers greater variety when it comes to the control devices you can use and the type of lighting scenes you can create.

Control4 has the upper hand when it comes to incorporating other technology into your lighting control system. For example, a “Movie” scene in your keypad not only manages the lights and shades, but can also turn on your video display to your media library.