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Sonos Speakers from Avidia: Featuring scalable solutions that adapt to your evolving needs

Elevate your Chicagoland home with a custom Sonos installation, proudly serving the northern suburbs from Evanston to Lake Geneva and beyond.


Sonos crafts intelligent, dynamic, software-enhanced speakers that elevate sound quality and evolve your auditory journey, connecting music lovers and artists. For Sonos, exceptional audio is paramount.

Sonos Ray in a wood and grey living room with two kids and a woman

Step into an Enhanced Sonic World

Middle-aged couple watching TV with Sonos Era 300 Speakers on the front

Crafted For
Auditory Excellence

Sonos' top-tier acoustic engineers collaborate with eminent music producers and artists, ensuring their speakers authentically reproduce the emotional essence of the music. The outcome is a consistently genuine, precise, and heartfelt sound.
Sonos Sub Mini in white

Optimized By
Trueplay Tuning Technology

Trueplay ensures your Sonos speakers deliver exceptional sound in any location. This advanced tuning technology intelligently adjusts to your room's specific acoustics, enhancing the playback to align closely with the ideal sound of music.
Man playing records in a turntable with Sonos Era 100 speakers in black


Across the range, from One to Move, Sonos speaker systems maintain their superior sound quality. Revel in harmonious deep bass and crisp highs, with a broad soundstage and auto-tuning, delivering a uniformly rich sonic experience in your Lake Forest, IL area home.
"Sound Is An Experience. The Deeper You Immerse Someone In Sound, The Stronger The Connection."
Giles Martin, Music Producer

Simple Operation of your Sonos Installation

From your first speaker setup to configuring speakers for stereo or home theater, Sonos ensures a smooth home audio installation right here in Chicago's north suburbs. 

Effortless Sound Excellence

Sonos Simplifies Every Step From Setup To Control.

Setting up is a breeze

Download The Sonos App
Connect Speaker To Power
Follow Sonos App Guidance

Sonos App in an iPhone on a wood table

Manage All From The App

More than just an app, the Sonos mobile interface consolidates all your platforms in one spot, offering easy management of your system from anywhere.
Man and kid crafting with a Sonos Move 2 in black

Bluetooth Streaming

Indulge in exceptional sound anywhere with the portable Move and Roam speakers, supporting Bluetooth connectivity when Wi-Fi is out of reach.

Voice Commands With Your Smart Home Control System

Enjoy hands-free control with voice-enabled Sonos speakers, compatible with platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
Woman Playing with AirPlay in her Sonos Roam in green

Apple AirPlay 2

Seamlessly stream audio directly from your iPhone or iPad to your Sonos setup. Siri obeys your volume adjustments.
Man's hand touching an iPhone app to open

Navigate Via Your Favorite Apps

Easily browse through popular streaming services like Tidal, Spotify, and iHeartRadio, directing audio to your Sonos system right from the app.

    Your Sound, Your Way

    Sonos systems offer immense adaptability, seamlessly integrating with all your preferred audio sources for personalized listening anytime, anywhere.

    Harmonious Integration

    Sonos Provides Unrestricted Musical Liberty.
    Sonos Products
    Sonos Products

    Tailor your Home Theater Installation or Multi-room Audio Setup

    From stereo or multi-room listening to enveloping Sonos surround sound in your home theater, Sonos speakers link together to create the ideal auditory environment in your Chicagoland-area home.

    Listen In Every Space

    Sonos speakers and components interconnect via Wi-Fi, allowing easy expansion or modification of your sound system. Play a podcast in the kitchen while a movie plays in the media room, or stream vinyl throughout your home.
    A close-up of a Sonos speaker on a kitchen counter, with a person preparing food in the background.


    Invoke your favorite tunes or podcasts, and receive news and weather updates hands-free while cooking.
    A family watching TV together in a cozy living room at night, with a young girl sitting on the floor and a Sonos speaker visible near the TV cabinet.

    Living Room

    Craft a cinematic audio experience by connecting a Sub to a Sonos premium soundbar and adding rear surrounds for immersive sound.
    A couple relaxing in bed while watching TV in a softly lit bedroom with Sonos Mini and Arc.


    Integrate Sonos magic into existing in-wall and bookshelf speakers with Amp for wireless multi-room audio.
    A person and a child doing arts and crafts on a table, with a green Sonos speaker nearby.

    Play Room

    Elevate your entertainment with Sonos premium soundbars, offering powerful sound in a sleek design and smooth voice control.
    A modern home office with a bookshelf, a desk, and a white Sonos Sub speaker.


    Enhance your office with multi-room audio using the compact One speaker, fitting neatly on your desk. Pair two for amplified, richer sound.
    A Sonos portable speaker placed next to a swimming pool with a pair of sunglasses on a towel nearby.

    Wherever you are

    Experience high-fidelity audio on the go with the portable, battery-powered Move and Roam, delivering Sonos sound quality in any setting.

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    655 Academy Drive
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    8am -5pm CT

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    Stay up to date on the latest smart technology ideas and innovations.