Music is powerful. It can transform gloomy days into happy ones, inspire creativity, energize you in the morning and soothe you to sleep at night. To take advantage of music throughout your day, you need a system that enables easy listening wherever you are, especially when you’re at home in Park Ridge, IL. That’s what you get with a whole house audio system by Sonos, the leading provider of smart wireless speakers. To learn about Sonos and how it can add value to your home, read on.

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What is Sonos?

Sonos provides high-performance wireless speaker systems ranging from dedicated home theater systems to whole house audio systems. Their selection of speakers, audio components, and home theater equipment ensures they have something for every room of your home. In addition to having all the components you need to boost your listening experience, Sonos provides components that can upgrade your existing audio equipment to work with Sonos for wireless music streaming.

Why Choose Sonos for Whole House Audio

  1. Smart Speakers that Do the Work for You
    With most speaker systems, the sound stays exactly how you first set it up, regardless of whether that’s best for the room’s acoustics. Sonos Trueplay can use your iPhone to assess the layout of any given room, identifying how sound reflects off of each surface area, then automatically adjusts the speakers to fit that room’s acoustic needs. With a couple of simple steps, smart phone and 30 seconds of your time, the system’s woofer and tweeter are optimized for the best sound possible.
  2. Fast Setup
    Sonos systems are designed to streamline the process of installing whole house audio equipment. They don’t require pre-wiring or extensive setups. Instead, you just select the right speaker for each room, connect it to your home network, and start streaming music. While there are still some aspects of the audio system that require a professional’s touch, such as designing the best speaker layouts, choosing the right components, and optimizing your home network for uninterrupted streaming, the setup time for Sonos systems is much faster.
  3. Compact, Subtle Design
    Sonos’ speakers may not be completely hidden, but they are designed to fit into small spaces and blend into your room so that your attention is drawn to more important aspects, such as artwork or a large 4K Ultra HD TV. The speakers may be small, but they still pack a punch, providing strong and pure sound. You can place the speakers on bookshelves, counters, or even mount them on the walls.
  4. Easy Control through the Sonos App
    Forget old school remotes. With Sonos, turning on your favorite music happens with just a tap on your smartphone’s screen. The Sonos app provides easy access to all the music you have at your disposal, from your personal music library to your streaming services like Spotify or Pandora. You always have your phone handy, which means you always have a way to adjust your music no matter which part of the home you’re in.

Whether you want to start small with a dedicated listening room or go for the complete listening experience with audio in every room of your house, Avidia can help design and install an audio solution that will exceed your expectations. For a consultation, contact us today.