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A Whole-Home Sonos System

Sonos makes excellent wireless speakers, but perhaps that's not your preference. You may have one or more existing audio systems with speakers you like, or you prefer your speakers to be heard and not seen. In those cases, Avidia can create a system that you will love, controllable with the Sonos app in the palm of your hand.

If you want built-in speakers, you’ll want the experience of a professional. Even if your home is already wired for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, there are nuances to installation. First, even with existing wiring, it may not be up to par for an upgraded set of speakers. And if it is, our installers are experts in cutting carefully into existing walls to avoid damage. If you're remodeling or building, we are skilled in optimizing each built-in speaker's location for the best performance in each room or space. If you're adding outdoor audio, there are special considerations there too, as you may need more power and more speakers to get the desired level of volume and sound quality in an outdoor area.

The Sonos Amp is an amplifier and digital streaming device all rolled into one, and makes an excellent solution for smaller multiroom audio systems by using several Amps. You can also pipe additional audio sources like your turntable into it and hear vinyl all over your home, or even TV audio. It does even more, but we also want to tell you about other options.


Sonos-Based Surround System

While we are big fans of full-fledged surround sound systems with receivers, amplifiers, and multiple speakers, we recognize that some like a more minimalist approach to surround sound for their TV and movies. Sonos also makes excellent soundbars, and one of the best features of them is they all can participate as a zone in a whole-house audio system.

Just recently, Sonos introduced the Arc, its first Dolby Atmos capable soundbar. The Arc packs 11 high-performance drivers including up-firing ones to give you the 3D immersive soundstage for Atmos movie and show soundtracks. If you like more bass, the Sonos wireless subwoofer pairs with the Arc to deliver tight bass for music and the satisfying low-frequency rumble in action movies. If you are an Apple device fan, chances are you use Airplay for audio and video streaming. All Sonos devices now support Airplay2, which makes it very simple to take audio from any app with Airplay on your iPhone or iPad and stream it to any or all of your Sonos-connected speakers and soundbars – you can even ask Siri to do it!

If you want rear surround speakers, any Sonos soundbar can be paired with other Sonos wireless speakers (like the One or Five) for surround sound. But with the Amp, there’s a custom option too. The Amp can power a set of surround speakers neatly hidden in your back wall or the ceiling for a clean look to your room without speaker clutter.

If you’re getting the impression that there’s more to Sonos than plug-and-play, you’re beginning to understand why we offer professional installation! Avidia can set up a whole-house Sonos-based system with surround sound where you want it, built-in speakers indoors and out, and even include your high-end two-channel stereo with your turntable from another room.



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