Your Starter’s Guide to Building an Outdoor Speaker System

There’s nothing like music to boost everyone’s spirits. In fact, listening to music has been proven to reduce stress and symptoms of depression. So, this summer, enhance your days at home with more sun, more cookouts, and more music with a dedicated outdoor sound system. Whether you’re a country, rock, or pop music family, New Jersey manufacturer Coastal Source produces weatherproof outdoor speakers that will impress even the ultimate audiophiles here in the Chicagoland area.

If outdoor audio interests you, but you aren’t sure how to add entertainment to your backyard or how to add it to your existing home audio system, let us here at Avidia help. Continue reading below to discover how your home in the Glenview, Illinois area will benefit from an outdoor speaker system.

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Getting Started

The first step toward building a dedicated outdoor speaker system at your Glenview-area home is to figure out what you want out of your outdoor audio setup. Do you want music throughout your landscape? Do you want to create a surround sound setup for an outdoor home theater? Perhaps a combination of both? Once you have your goals established for your new outdoor audio setup, the next step is to get in touch with your local outdoor audio installation expert.

Our team at Avidia is local to the Glenview area and has more than 20 years of experience designing custom outdoor speaker systems in the Chicagoland region. We can help you not only select the perfect outdoor speaker and subwoofer combination for your backyard that is optimized for coverage throughout your landscape, but we also can assist throughout the installation process – using weatherproof cabling, high-quality equipment and even integrations with your existing home control system. We explain more in the section below.

Our Preferred Outdoor Audio Brand: Coastal Source

When it comes to building a outdoor speaker system that not only matches your audio quality demands with weatherproofing technologies, there is one manufacturer that rises above the rest: Coastal Source. With Coastal Source outdoor speakers, you can choose from a variety of products that either stylishly stand out in your backyard or seamlessly integrate with your surrounding landscape. For example, Coastal Source offers sleek 3-way and 2-way ellipse bollards that can stand out as a feature of your backyard. Or, if you want your outdoor audio to be heard and not seen, Coastal Source also offers smaller bullet speakers, subwoofers and rock speakers that easily can be hidden within your landscape.

So, once your outdoor audio installation is complete, the next logical question becomes how do you control your outdoor speaker system? Not only can you control a Coastal Source outdoor speaker system independently, but you also can retrofit a new Coastal Source system with your existing Control4 smart home setup. From the same app on your smartphone or tablet that controls your home’s lights, shades, TVs and more, you can manage your outdoor audio system’s song selection and volume for all speakers simultaneously or choose to adjust one individually. The options truly are endless.

Ready to bring your favorite music to your backyard with Coastal Source outdoor audio? Call Avidia at (847) 868-9200 to get in touch with our team or fill out our contact form here!