Have you ever considered installing a custom home theater system? We’re not talking about the packaged speakers and flat screen TV you can get at your local electronics store. We're talking about a room specially designed –from speaker placement to room acoustics—to recreate the feel of a commercial theater. You can even decorate it to reflect your favorite sports team or movie era. By following the steps outlined below, Avidia designs the ultimate escape in your Kenilworth, Illinois home.

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1. Finding the Right Screen
The first thing people will notice when they enter your theater is the video display. It is the focal point of the room, so it should come as no surprise that it’s one of the first things considered in the installation process.

Depending on the size you want and the room’s light specifications, you can choose between going with a screen-and-projector combination or a flat panel TV. If you decide on a screen, we partner with Screen Innovations to help you pick out the right model and material to ensure you get quality images that are in line with your personal style.

2. Setting up Your Seating Arrangement
The size of your screen and its viewing cone will affect your seating arrangement. The viewing cone is the area in the room where you can still see the screen without the images deteriorating. We make sure all recliners and sofas remain within this area. The size of the screen will then dictate how far from it guests should be seating. For most home theater systems, you’ll want to sit approximately 10 feet away.

3. Installing Your Surround Sound
No home theater is complete without a proper surround sound solution. For truly realistic sound go with a Dolby Atmos setup with speakers in front, to the side, behind and above the viewer. The professionals at Avidia ensure all speakers are equidistant from your audience, so no one is stuck with audio that is too loud or low.

Which speakers should you use? We have a variety of manufacturer options, so it's easy to find one that fits your style. For example, if you don’t want your equipment to be visible you can opt for KEF in-ceiling and in-wall fixtures.

4. Bringing it All Together With Smart Control
How are you going to get quality content to your home theater system? Control4 now offers one-room solutions through its new EA line of products. Even if you don’t commit to a full home automation system, you can get smart control in one room for easy access to all your sources from the device of your choice.

Through a smartphone, tablet, smart remote or touchpad you can choose what you want to watch at the press of a button. From the same system, you can even tinker with your lighting and thermostat to create the perfect environment.

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