Lighting Control Is One of the Most Desired Smart Home Features

As builders and designers, you typically look for an edge in your projects. It may be the extra attention you pay to superior design inside and out, a unique flourish that you add like building a hidden room off of the den, or greater customizability in floorplans and finishes that gives clients more choice.

The explosion in the availability of consumer smart lighting products like Philips Hue and others shows that there is high interest and demand in residential lighting control solutions. And while these products are suitable for some applications, with new construction, the opportunity is there to add a comprehensive lighting control solution that is far more customizable for your clients.

Avidia works with Control4 for smart home automation and lighting control because it offers incredible opportunities to add smart home features your clients will love. It’s also far easier to add the infrastructure and fully customize it in the construction process than after the fact. Read on to see why adding a residential lighting control system to your Barrington, IL projects is a smart move for you and your clients.


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Pre-Wiring Infrastructure

As builders, you typically specify a low voltage wiring package and a standard electrical plan with each of your projects. If your clients want a high level of customization, these plans will be modified. When you partner with Avidia early in the build process, we work with you and your clients to assess their needs for smart lighting and customize these plans.

The customization can involve the location of the main control box that will run the smart lighting systems, the locations of wall-mounted keypads for control, and both line and low-voltage wiring necessary to support the system throughout the entire house. As home technology experts, we also think through the networking requirements, as some solutions require additional equipment to connect the lighting control to the internet and make it accessible and controllable remotely from clients’ smart devices.

With the right infrastructure in place, even modifications later in the process are easier. If a keypad needs to move for design reasons or other smaller changes are made, either very little wire or a minor junction box needs to change, which does not involve significant work. Your project will proceed smoothly, and your clients will be happier.


Going LED

LED lighting is significantly more efficient than any other current lighting. On top of that, it offers significant flexibility with styles and types of lights, including outdoor applications. Some LED lighting systems can be installed with only low voltage wiring loads. Understanding client requirements with lighting, both indoors and out, can help in customizing the plan and choosing the right lighting package for every area of the home. Making this decision early in the build process gives your client the power of choice.


Residential lighting control presents an incremental revenue opportunity for builders with more customization options and greater satisfaction for customers. Let Avidia work with you on customizing the lighting package for your Barrington projects. Call us at (847) 868-9200 to get in touch with our team, fill out our contact form here, or just click on the chatbox below to connect with us right away. We look forward to working with you.