By now you’ve probably seen advertisements for a variety of home electronics that you can control from a mobile app. There’s one for your thermostat, one for your locks and one for your entertainment. But what if you could bring it all together under one umbrella, practically turning your IPhone or Android into your personal butler. You can do just that with a smart home automation solution in your Highland Park, Illinois property. Below we take a look at some of the best features from the Crestron and Control 4 Apps.

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Four Main Features of the Crestron App

In conjunction with your smart home automation system, Crestron offers a free mobile app that lets you control your lighting, security, entertainment, climate and more. Some other features are also available as in-app purchases.

• Integrate Third Party Apps: Want to settle in for an all-day Netflix marathon? You don't have to navigate through multiple apps just to pick out the show you want and get the lighting just right. Crestron lets you open third party apps within your graphic user interface so you can keep everything under one roof.
• Stay Informed: Receive alerts when a door is left unlocked, someone comes to your front door. or your alarm goes off. This way you can stay connected without having to constantly check-in on your surveillance.
• Upgrade to PinPoint: This add-on lets your system recognize exactly where you are based on your smartphone’s location. This way your user interface immediately adapts your menu to the room you’re in.

Three Main Features of the Control4 App

The Control4 app lets you access all your smart home automation features ranging from security to AV distribution. To get full control of your system while you’re away, you can also subscribe to the company’s 4Sight Services.

• Connect to All Your Devices: Your app doesn't have to be limited to your smartphone. The Control4 app is also compatible with your tablets and smart watches.
• Get Remote Control: One of the biggest benefits of smart control apps is being able to access your home technology while you’re away. Control4 does this through its 4Sight subscription which lets you manage your system from anywhere in the world.
• Customize Your Profile: Your system can be tailored to match your needs. That means all user interfaces –both on your app and designated touch screen—can be modified so that the rooms and services you use most are easy to find.

As people become more attached to their smart devices, these are overtaking dedicated touchpads as smart home automation’s preferred control options. Contact Avidia to install a system that lets you take advantage of the Crestron or Control4 apps.