Enjoy Flawless Internet Connectivity with a Professional Home Network Installation

It’s easy to take a reliable internet connection for granted. Days will go by happily streaming, uploading, and chatting happily until suddenly, a webpage doesn’t load and refuses to refresh. You might try disconnecting from the internet, connecting again, and it still doesn’t work. One might fiddle with the router and come to the frustrating conclusion that the internet is down.

Do situations like these happen more often than you’d like? If you live in the Glenview, IL area, a Premium membership with Avidia can provide 24/7 management of your Comcast Xfinity internet. Plus, our professional home network installations can arrange your network’s devices to prevent future errors from occurring. Continue reading to see how your Illinois home can benefit!  


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Xfinity Comcast Assistance

If you’re in the Glenview, Illinois area, you’re probably one of the 95% of households covered by Xfinity. But did you know that by joining Avidia’s service program, we provide 24/7 monitoring to all of our Premium members? That means that we’ll monitor your system for any internet issues and if we notice connection problems, we’ll immediately contact Comcast to recover the system remotely. If we can’t fix it, then we’ll schedule an on-site visit and assist Comcast. You may not have even notice the problem yet and won’t have to deal with calling Comcast support—it’s in our hands.


Reliable Network Setup

We offer additional solutions that will ensure you’re always well connected. For instance, did you know there are better locations than others to place your modem? We perform on-site surveys to determine the ideal placement and installation for your system. In the case that your network drops, we can install two modems for an automatic switchover, so you’ll instantly have a backup. If you work remotely or run a business out of your home, this is a clever but essential trick to save production time.

For hard-to-reach corners of your house, Avidia can add Wi-Fi extenders that increase your network’s range. That way, you can enjoy your favorite films and websites in any room of the house. Plus, if your home uses wireless smart home technology or wireless speakers, you won’t have to worry about disconnecting and being unable to use the devices you’ve installed. Just like the light bulb inside your fridge should always turn on, and your car should always start, your home’s internet connection should be available, reliable, and speedy.


Curious to learn more about our professional home network installation and support services? Call Avidia at (847) 869-9200 or contact us online here!