As we modernize most aspects of our homes, even the most luxurious spaces tend to fall behind in one aspect: home lighting control. If you ask people how they control the lights in their home, the resounding answer is still traditional wall switches. Why not upgrade one of the most important components in your Kenilworth, Illinois home? Find out how a smart lighting solution can change the way you interact with your technology.

Upgrade the Traditional Switchers on Your Walls

Modernizing your lighting control system doesn’t have to mean abandoning the way you like to do things, simply improving it. Whether you’re using a Crestron, Control 4 or Lutron system, you still have the option of accessing your lights from switches on the wall. What changes is the amount of control you can get from those switches.

Dimmers, for example, allow you to pick out the perfect amount of light for an activity. What if one button on the wall could make multiple changes? Install keypads with pre-set scene buttons. These ‘scenes’ control multiple fixtures simultaneously and can even incorporate video, security and more.

Streamline Control With Pre-Set Scenes

With a “Welcome” scene on your keypad, you can get your whole house ready not just the lights: music, TV, blinds and temperature also prepare to greet you. An “Away” button on your keypad turns off lights, closes your garage and arms your security system. Your scene can even continue while you’re away. A “Vacation” scene plays back your usual routines (when it comes to lights, shades, etc.) at 50 percent intensity to mimic someone being at the home while you’re away.

Enjoy Hands-Off Control Through the Use of Sensors

Get rid of the age-old argument about who left the lights on. Program motion sensors to turn off lights in unused rooms when no activity is detected for more than 15 minutes. These sensors can also be used to turn on lights. If you need to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or grab a snack, have your hallways light up as you walk past.

Meanwhile photo sensors can ensure your home is never left in the dark. During the day, the sensors keep your lights off and open your shades to let your décor bask in the natural light. It’s at night that the sensors are most important. Once the sun sets, the sensors activate your landscape lighting so there are no dangerous unlit areas on your property.

Get Centralized Control of All Your Home’s Lights

If you want to modernize your home and streamline your décor, you can eliminate your wall acne in a variety of ways. In areas where you would expect to have control of multiple lights, you can include handsome single gang keypads designed to match your space. These keypads eliminate the need for multiple side-by-side switches and give you access to the scenes we mentioned earlier.

Full control of all your home’s lights ---indoor and outdoor—is also accessible from a smartphone, tablet or touchpad. You can turn lights on and off, check to see which are on throughout the home and create scenes that match your individual preferences. You can even play with individual fixtures to change their intensity or color.

Access Remote Control from Your Smartphone

Through a smartphone app, you can take control of your lights wherever you go. Notice while you’re at work that a light was left on in the kitchen? Pull up your app to turn it off remotely. Receive push notifications on your phone if a light was left on or the landscape lights are not turned off by a certain time. Control is always just a button away whether you’re at home or across the globe.

Don’t settle for antiquated technology. Contact Avidia today to bring a smart lighting solution into your home.