According to a study by ECN Magazine, 70 percent of pet parents feel guilty when they have to leave their pets alone to go to work or on vacation. Home automation systems have become a way for owners to take care of their pets’ wellbeing without having to be in their Kenilworth, IL home. Whether it’s making sure fish aquariums have the right environment or the cat isn’t getting into the pantry again, owners can get peace of mind with these smart home features.

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Your Personal Animal Channel

Why scour the internet for cute dog and cat videos when you can look in on your personal favorites? With a home automation solution, you can watch live surveillance footage from your smartphone at any time. See if your dog is still by the door waiting for you to return or check if the cat left you any gifts in the litter box. You can search from room to room and zoom in to get a good look at what your pets are doing.

Upgrade to a Smart Doggy Door

Let your dogs and cats roam the outside of your property without putting your security at risk with a smart doggy door. Add specific controls by the doggy door (a button or motion sensor) that send an alert to your phone when the dog wants to go out. You can then open the door remotely from your smartphone. With a Control4 system, you can also use RF readers that connect to a tag on your dog's collar, so the door only opens when your pet approaches.

Make It Easy for Pet Sitters to Have Access

Hiring a dog sitter when you’re at work or on vacation becomes a lot easier with a home automation system. Instead of having to leave a key under the mat, give them a personalized access code to get inside. You also receive a notification as soon as they arrive—and when they leave—so you can make sure your pets are taken care of properly.

Take Better Care of Your Aquariums

Fish owners can often benefit the most from home automation. It takes a lot of work to keep aquariums healthy. You need to make sure the water's at the right temperature and the right lighting is in place for optimal health. Use scheduled scenes to have lighting levels change throughout the day, so there's no risk of you forgetting, and get an alert on your phone when the water temperature gets too low or high. You can also link water sensors to your home automation system, so you know as soon as a leak is detected near your aquarium.

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