Every family uses their whole home audio in a different way. Which is why it’s important to offer varied solutions, from the type of speakers that are being used to the preferred control devices. In this blog, we’ll go over some popular speaker options and their best applications. Depending on whether you’re looking to invest in a dedicated listening room or simply play background music when hosting friends, you’re going to have very different needs when it comes to your equipment.

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Architectural Speakers

These speakers are very popular in modern luxury homes, as they offer high-fidelity sound without interfering with the interior décor. Architectural speakers are hidden within your wall or ceilings, sitting behind painted grills that camouflage with the rest of your home. These type of speakers offer wide dispersion, so you won’t hear a difference in sound when walking right by them, making them perfect for background audio in your living room or dining room.

Bookshelf/Cabinet Speakers

There are a variety of smaller bookshelf or cabinet speakers that can be used for whole house music or surround sound systems. They are great in rooms where you expect to have electronics, so they don’t clash with the other décor. You can place them in custom cabinetry in your living room, media room or even a home theater.


These are primarily used in 2-channel set ups in listening rooms, where you can enjoy your favorite music as it was meant to be heard. Many clients, though, make loudspeakers part of their whole home audio and include them in common areas like living rooms. This way you can show them off easily to friends and family and make them part of your home’s overall décor.

Outdoor Speakers

If you’re listening to music in your patio, pool or backyard you want to make sure you invest in outdoor speakers. Many audio manufacturers offer outdoor lines that are not only designed to survive the elements, but also to create the best sound environment. Unlike your architectural speakers, outdoor ones offer directional sound. You can send audio in a specific direction to fill large areas and also avoid bothering neighbors.

Wireless Speakers

The easiest way to create a whole home audio system is to invest in wireless speakers. Companies like Sonos let you link up various speakers through their app. At the press of a button you can have a song playing in multiple rooms simultaneously or have a different song in each room. Sonos has a varied speaker line that is appropriate for small rooms, larger living areas and even home theater applications.

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